Sunday, April 14, 2019

From A Better mount Pleasant: 
Super interesting comment from The Verge's explosive article on 
#Foxconn. The author says he is the administrator of a town in Ohio 
that Foxconn was considering for their "development" that we 
ultimately got. 
Hard to believe anyone would make this up - it sounds authentic: 
As an administrator of one the handful of communities in Ohio that was 
considered for this project, I can’t tell you how much I love reading 
these articles. We got bad vibes from the very first time we had to 
pitch our community for this unknown project and the numbers (jobs, 
investment amount, water/sewer/electric/gas requirements, etc,) 
started to change. Daily. Drastically. 
Our running internal discussion was "WTF? How can they NOT know their 
sewage requirements? Like 3 million gallons per day more, then a 
couple days later it drops by 2 million. Then back up". Worked on some 
big and weird projects in my career, but never saw anything like this 
where stuff changed all the time. The site visit was an absolute 
circus too. They had a damn charter bus. Around 20-30 Chinese people 
and another 20-30 consultants, engineers and who-knows-what. They kept 
interrupting during our presentations and some of the American 
consultants would basically yell at them and say they were being rude. 
You cannot make this stuff up. 
Luckily we dropped out after a month into the process when the 
umpteenth change in utility requirements made the needed improvements 
so expensive (think $30 million+) that we threw in the towel. They 
wanted the land for free, all utilities to the site boundary at their 
required capacities (which changed weekly at this point still) for 
free, and to pay no local or state taxes for 20 years. This was the 
dumbest ROI scenario we ever saw and it wasn’t hard to convince our 
elected officials to throw in the towel. 
In the end it wouldn’t have mattered because Ohio ended up getting cut 
a couple of months later because the State government wouldn’t pay up 
like Wisconsin did. It has made for some great story telling though, 
and it is the gift that keeps on giving for entertainment purposes. 
Thanks, Wisconsin!

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