Tuesday, April 9, 2019

How Many Current Federal Lawsuits are Open VS City of Racine

Dear City of Racine Alderpersons, 
Once Again, Time to Play, “How Many Federal Lawsuits Have Been Filed 
Against City of Racine”? 
And *WOW* only 2 recently filed actions are open! This is a vast 
improvement from the days of the Dickert Disaster - but anything goes 
in the City of Ill Repute. 
Meanwhile, the attitude and words of RPD Sgt. Sam Stulo - speak 
VOLUMES! The JT provided a very thorough and excellent article which 
displayed the problems at RPD for all with ears to hear - that the RPD 
itself is a criminal organization where special rules for special 
people is expected. Kinda like Rich and Jennifer Chiapette, and John 
Graft and Corruption rule the City of Ill Repute. It is on full 
display in the conduct, words, and action of Sgt. Sam Stulo. You can't 
cover it up any more -  it is in the Public's face. 
But WAIT! There are at least 4 more actions pending in Circuit Court. 
Plus - UNKNOWNS and OTHER UNKNOWN COVER-UPS. It's the Ratcine way. 
And guess who is gonna pay for the malfeasance and general 
incompetence committed by City of Racine Actors…… yep, the Underdog 
Read the latest post here:
It’s not my place to run the train 
The whistle I can’t blow. 
It’s not my place to say how far 
The train’s allowed to go. 
It’s not my place to shoot off steam 
Nor even clang the bell. 
But let the damn thing jump the track 
And see who catches hell. 
Tim & Cindy 

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TSE said...

The Taxpayers always pay for the misconduct, malfeasance, and outright criminal actions of State Actors, then none of the guilty State Actors are punished, held to account, or forced to repay the taxpayers.

What a RACKET!