Saturday, April 6, 2019

Mount Pleasant considering parks manager position

Dear Village Board, 
I just read this in JT: 
Mount Pleasant considering parks manager position 
Hiring a Parks Manager? 
And allowing alcohol to be consumed in Village Parks? 
WTF is going on? 
Didn't Village President, angry white male, David DeGoof claim he was 
a Tea-Tard - and for smaller government, lower taxes, controlling 
spending, private property rights, and respecting the rule of law? 
Now MTP is going to increase spending, increase the number of 
government workers, salaries, wages, compensation, and encourage 
people to drink and drive in Village Parks! *WOW* 
Just *WOW* 
MTP has moved from so much to the left that you may as well legalize 
prostitution and drugs, ala Amsterdam. Truth be told - the drugs and 
prostitution are just another feature in MTP - thank to Knights Inn 
and other local hook up spots. 
Of course, if MTP Residents get drunk, and stay drunk, they might not 
mind the outrageous coming increases in taxes, due to the failed 
Foxconn Scam. 
You'd think that MTP Village President Dave DeGoof and Racine Mayor 
Cory Mason are best drinking buddies. 
Just Saying. 
C'mon Village President - Dave DeGoof - admit it - ya got a fetish for 
blue fisting Residents! Ala Cory Mason! 
Wolves in Sheep's clothing comes to mind. 
Me thinks that Dave is just a little left of Kelly! Dave is not a 
Socialist or a Fascist, - he's a full blown Communist. Certainly not a 
Tim & Cindy 


TSE said...

Mount Pleasant, WI is a Banana Republic !

MTP Village President David DeGoof continues to loot and destroy - all in the name of "progress".

Farmland destroyed to produce TV's so that idiot Americans can be told how to live and what "reality" is.

Fuck you Dave!

TSE said...

You have to destroy it in order to save it.........

TSE said...

Probably going to discover.... sometime in the future.... that a Major Political Player in MTP frequents prostitutes....

Just like former NY AG Elliot Spitzer.