Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Must be great to be Latvian!

ortunately, I now have an answer for every "whataboutmeeist" who is 
in some sort of mixed-race marriage, interracial relationship, has 
mixed-race children, or has a half-Chinese step-brother married to a 
Filippino woman who has adopted Congolese orphans. Read this paper: 
    When competition between groups becomes violent the female of a 
mixed marriage and her offspring are often vulnerable to violence by 
not only the group from which her male partner is assigned but also to 
violent acts by members of the group with which she is identified. 
When the goal of an adversary is to eliminate manifestations of 
identity the role of the individual within a society, including 
children and other non-combatants, is of little consequence. Using the 
conflict in the former Yugoslavia and in Rwanda as a focus this essay 
takes a bio-social and cultural comparative approach in exploring the 
situational factors underlying genocidal behavior wherein the woman in 
a mixed conjugal union and her offspring are disproportionately 
vulnerable to violence. The possible co-evolvement of individual 
behaviors with group-level institutions is considered as worthy of 
more focused attention in an attempt to understand the intense 
vulnerability of some women and children in environments of lethal 
Be sure to bookmark the URL, as no doubt it will prove useful for 
commenters here in answering the inevitable questions from the What 
About Me crowd in the future. 
And to all of those who have wonderful [nationality] [family members] 
and wish to dispute the probable outcome of mass immigration and 
demographic change in their [political entity], I cordially invite you 
to take the matter up with Ralph Hartley at the Department of 
Anthropology, University of Nebraska in Lincoln, Nebraska. 

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