Saturday, April 27, 2019

They Live! BOHICA WI as State Rep Robin Vos Supports Increasing Taxes!

More of…. You can’t make this up!

WI Republicans graciously “allowed residents to ask questions” (under strict Supervision) while informing them they are going to raise taxes in various ways which will, basically, destroy the American Way of Life…. which has, from time to time, been defined as “Manifest Destiny” to the “Monroe Doctrine”, and finally based upon an unholy alliance with Saudia Arabia creating the “Petro-Dollar” in collusion with the 3rd Central Bank, soon  after the collapse of the  Bretton Woods Agreement and Nixon closing the Gold Window.

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TSE said...


*RESIST* the Hate spewed by R's and D's.

State Rep MUST GO!

TSE said...


That is a lot of Derogatory.....

Whiles it it correct.