Wednesday, April 3, 2019

When will the Masons Pay Their Fair Share?

Dear City of Racine Alderpersons, 
From the most recent Sin City Post: 
JT reports: 
Hagedorn declares victory with thin margin in Supreme Court race 
Wisconsin Appeals Court Judge Brian Hagedorn called his likely victory 
to the state Supreme Court a “historic” win and said he was confident 
his slim lead in the race is insurmountable. 
“We made history in a significant way,” Hagedorn said, referring to 
winning despite millions spent against him. “Our margin of victory 
looks to be insurmountable.” 
The Journal Times reached out on Wednesday to State Rep. Greta 
Neubauer, D-Racine, who is Lisa Neubauer’s daughter. She referred 
comments to the video. A watch party was held Tuesday at Red Onion, 
555 Main St., in Downtown Racine. But Lisa Neubauer never made a 
public appearance during the event. 
As for Racine.... 
When Greta Neubauer runs again for Public Office, Informed Voters need 
to be pragmatic and make the choice to vote either FOR Greta’s 
opponent, or AGAINST Greta. Voting for the Lessor of two evils, or to 
stop evil, is the pragmatic alternative! 
Remember that: If you have two opposing forces that are equal – 
neither can be victorious – and government gridlock is always a *WIN* 
*WIN* for private sector Citizens. LET NO EVIL BE DONE! 
As for Racine – it is a lost cause. Just forget about it – nothing 
will ever change. Enjoy the Decline! 
The most recent check of Racine Property Assessments, done TODAY – 
April, 3, 2019, evidences that the *MIRACLE* of a 50% decrease in 
property tax assessment value since 2013 has *MAGICALLY happened at 
3907 Lighthouse Drive and continues to hold steady at the Lake 
Michigan Lakefront Mansion now owned by the Masons! From $800, 000 to 
$440,000 in a few short years! 
Yeah, Yeah, Fraternity, Equality and Liberty…… while Looting A City of 
Ill Repute is the true name of the game! 
All the usual suspects *WON* in City of Racine, with a Voter turnout 
which can only be blamed on the failure of RUSD to properly educate 
young minds full of mush. Because RUSD is actively misleading them. 
1. When will the Mason’s property assessment be marked to reality for 
a Lake Michigan Lakefront Mansion, so that they pay their fair share? 
2. When will the definition of “workers” be expanded to include those 
in the private sector and private Business Owners? 
3. When will secret Court and Government proceedings end? 
4. When will Government Employees share in the pain that private 
sector workers have endured since the 1970’s? To include making 
meaningful contributions towards pensions, health insurance, and 
experiencing pay cuts? While retirement age is increased to 62 
(minimum) or 67? 
5. When will *FREE*, no limits to healthcare expenses, be eliminated 
for certain elected and public employees? 
5. When will the parking lots for workers at government buildings be 
eliminated as government workers are required to Ryde the BUS, taxi, 
bicycle, walk, or use other forms of alternative transportation? 
6. When will Residency rules be established for all public employees 
and elected officials so that they actually pay their fair share into 
the Community instead of looting it and fleeing to lower tax 
7. When will punitive taxes be levied on government workers who 
retire, and then leave their Communities and/or WI and claim tax free 
status in Tax-Haven States which don’t levy income taxes? 
Still waiting for an answer..... 
Tim & Cindy


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