Saturday, May 11, 2019

A Collection of Bikes



TSE said...

Top to bottom:

Carbon Fiber Immortal Spirit - Just Built - tomorrow may be the first ride....But I'd like better weather.

Aluminum Mirage Pro - About twice as heavy - this one was with me on my trip out West - I rode it through Kings Canyon, Sequoia, and from the Skate Board Park at the foot of Mammoth Hot Springs, CA to the top of the mountain, following the trail. It is still quick and light -

Aluminum Turino - for riding to work - custom Cedar rack to carry by lunch box. It's still pretty nice.

DOn't even TRY to compare these to bikes you get at Wally World - and especially those with all the fancy looking shocks and doo-dads. Those bikes are HEAVY - Cheap Components, Cheap rims which bend easily, When you start riding ALL day, - like I do - and over distances - you'll never do it on a cheap Wally World bike.

TSE said...

I was just grocery shopping at Wally World - and it seemed that everyone there was buying a Wally World bicycle. These will only be driven around the block a few times, then left to rust and be abandoned or stolen.

If you have some simple construction skills - complete the bike yourself and save big $$$$. The bikes come mostly built - and once you get into them - learning how to adjust the components is easier than you think.

The Immortal Spirit I got for $999 - MRSP $2,495 - equal to a $3,000 Trek. It weighs 15 - 16 pounds and has well built highly rated components - cranks, gears, shifters, brakes. Riding no hands and turning no hands is easy - well balanced... The bike is a ROCKET.

Anonymous said...

i prefer a wizzer