Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my children!  How are you?  Our weather may actually be catching up to spring.  Or we'll all wear winter coats to the 4th of July Parade.  I'm very disappointed with the weather this spring.  We've had snow and slush on a couple of occasions.  This is autumnal weather.  I keep counting the days till Christmas.

I wouldn't mind a cool summer, but I don't want a cold one.  That seems to be the direction we're headed in.  Climate Change is nasty and can kill thousands of species of animals.  Just what the planet needs: more death.  A couple of days ago there was as much CO2 in the air as there was 300 million years ago.  That was a totally different world than ours.  But we could get there.

What do you think of the idea of redesigning Monument Square?  I think it's idiotic  Why does money burn such a hole in politician's pockets?  We're hiring some sort of firm to oversee the new design.  Always we hire some outside firm for just about everything.  It appears that Racine lacks the talent to do the job ourselves.  In any case, the Square does not need it.  Just you wait: sooner or later someone will suggest removing the monument.  And they'll seriously consider it.

 We have a large crew of "outsiders" running this city.  None of them come from here.  And some come from less than savory backgrounds.  I'm so tired of people who know nothing about Racine telling us what to do with our city.  They're just more suits standing in Mr.Mayor's welfare line.  If he likes you, you're in.  If he doesn't, you're out.  Mr. Mayor and his wife appears to be quite well off.  Especially with the help of the city assessor who valued the Mason's home and lot at about half of what his neighbors received.  It's good to be king.

I'm still waiting for Foxconn to fold.  Maybe it won't happen until the plant is fully engaged.  They have lied so much that I think they could give Lying John a run for his money,  Lies, secret courts, sealed documents, etc., etc. are the fruits of Mason's tree.  And Mr. Gou is running for president of Taiwan.  What a mess.

All of the housing developments because of Foxconn have to pause when Foxconn stalls.  When it finally dumps on us, we'll be left with a mess of housing and no one to live there.  Mr. Mayor Mason will have to come up with some sort of dog and pony show to keep the developers happy.  So it's a waiting game to see what and when Foxconn builds, and how much housing they'll need.  @NorthBeach might turn into a water park after all.

Downtown, downtown, downtown,  It's all you ever hear about.  The rest of the city flounders while downtown flourishes with the constant injection of money into the area.  The areas outside of downtown should secede from Racine.  Let downtown try to stand on its own feet.  Ha!  It would fall flat on its face.  Without a steady stream of subsidy money from the taxpayers.

Oh, the injustices!  Will they ever end?  Only when man changes himself.

In the meantime, try to do right and believe in a Higher Power.  Stay small.  Stay quiet.  Stay simple.  Let your Higher Power find you.  It's the only way to salvation.

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