Sunday, May 12, 2019

If Former Racine County Executive Jim Ladwig is a Republican, Why Did Democrat Beth Pramme Host a Fundraiser For Ladwig?

What’s going on in Racine County? Is there any real difference between the Republicans and Democrats, or are they working together against the People? Once you are accepted into the true inner circles of power, there are NO Republicans or Democrats, just Political Opportunists ruled by Corporate Interests. The reward for complying is just more pay raises, tax-free fringes of $30,000, $40,000+, retirements, double dipping, loot and scoot (take your taxpayer funded retirement and move to a State with no income tax), no accountability (just ask Rich and Jennifer Chiapete or Tim Zarzecki). You sit on Boards of non-profit Organizations which are taxpayer funded, but not subject to Wisconsin’s Open Records Laws, and spend hundreds of millions looted from the taxpayers which benefit the politically correct connected.  If your political career is in jeopardy because of personal sins, there are taxpayer funded Non-Profits and Corporations which will employ you and see you through. Meanwhile, the Little People are abused, jailed and fined, and the tax and fee hikes just keep coming! But that’s how it works in a kleptocracy – and that’s the form of government which operates throughout Racine County.

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Lika's Laments said...

It gets tricky. We need independent-minded people willing to step up and run for office.

Anonymous said...

Long time no see.
Nice to have you back Lika

Anonymous said...

It isn't tricky. It is criminal. Racine County is a kleptocracy, with a long list of corrupt criminals in partnership with other corrupt criminals, businesses, nonprofits, and institutions operating a criminal enterprise and racketeering network. Only a corrupt sellout with their hand out desperately looking for work or a seat at the table would argue it's tricky. Who got inside deals for gas stations and liquor stores? How did he get his start? What is his background? Who worked at that business? What happened with the marina and why are the harbor and airport essential to control? What is the ISI? Why did Paul Ryan resign? What role do the Brookings Institution and Aspen Institute play?