Thursday, May 30, 2019

The terminal phase

The decline and eventual collapse of the United States is rapidly becoming apparent to more and more observers:
The United States has entered its terminal phase and most of its citizens are as blithely unaware of this reality as they were of the impending dissolution of the Soviet system in the late 1980’s. On the surface each one projects its hegemony and influence far beyond their limitations through a combination of propaganda and threats. Both systems were thoroughly corrupted, perhaps from their inception, but certainly and absolutely as they neared their nadir, yet both systems affected a nonchalance that soon- very soon, every knee would bend before their majesty and morally superior aspirations.
For the USSR it was based upon the trite concept that everyone should share equally of the labors of others when no such possibility ever existed during mankind’s reign over the Earth. In America it was the equally vapid and hollow claim that all men are created equal when no such thing had ever been so at any time, nor could it ever be possible. To base an entire national mythos on pure sophistry is a guarantee of failure and yet their remains an eternal optimism rooted in these fanciful phrases that distorted and diffused before our eyes.

The elites always managed somehow, regardless of the system and its ideals, to rise above equality and find a toehold in a neo-aristocracy, where rather than blood-ties, loyalties were developed in the institutions and secret societies; Ivy League universities, Intelligence agencies, International banking cartels, Media conglomerates and Corporate boardrooms. The differences between the Politburo under Gorbachev and the current Congress are more noticeable in attire and decor rather than in behavior and outcomes.

In America today here is a complete symbiosis between the organs of information- the MSM- and the political parties and their apparatchiks, and it is used solely for the control of the populations and the promotion of The Narrative rather than as a means of explaining the events of the day. Much in the same way that the Soviet Union new organizations Pravda (Truth) and Izvestia (News) were able to control information to such a degree that the people of the USSR joked that “there is no truth in Pravda and no news in Izvestia”, the current state of media in America is summed up in the equally derogatory slur. “Fake News”.

The populations are keenly aware that they are being misled, but are powerless - in their minds - to do anything about it. The problem of course isn’t that the populations fail to believe the lies, but that the elites of both systems have chosen falsehoods as their basic premise for rule. Any system predicated upon falsehoods cannot survive the exposure of those lies when reality comes knocking.
The cucks and cons are doubling down on their virtue-signaling and attacking the defenders of civilization in the vain hopes that the barbarians they have championed will barbecue them last while in the meantime the very ground beneath their feet is beginning to crumble.
They believed, wrongly, that civilization is an abstraction. They foolishly mistook Thomas Jefferson's meaningless, high-flying political rhetoric for material reality and placed their faith in it. And in their sanctimonious refusal to defend civilization, they are very nearly as much to blame as the progressives who have been actively attempting to tear it down.

Every society comes to an end in time. And that end usually comes as a complete surprise to most of its inhabitants.

UPDATE: Oh sweet overturned statues of Thomas Jefferson...

I’m not a liberal conservative, but if we’re going to prevail it will be with David French and men like him.
Then you're not going to prevail. Period.


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