Sunday, June 23, 2019

An Open Letter to Everybody Who Read My Book, Civil War Two

When Civil War Two dawns over the glorious American Empire it will
take on an interesting variation in Florida. Accounts of the initial
disorders will read much like the one that follows, one that actually
did happen.

Black and Hispanic rioters armed with guns and machetes roamed the
streets for days, sometimes in gangs of 100 or more. They looted and
burned stores. They threatened, robbed and assaulted Europeans,
sometimes driving them from their homes.

The local police and national guardsmen, who were almost all blacks
and Hispanics, bolted their sworn allegiance to the law, failed to
protect the Europeans from these assaults, and according to
eyewitnesses actually joined in the looting, driving away in national
guard trucks they had so industriously loaded with merchandise.

Hundreds of imprisoned black and Hispanic convicts, including rapists
and murderers, escaped and poured into the streets, fueling the chaos.

The shocked and unprepared Europeans were forced to defend themselves
from the blacks and Hispanics with whatever was at hand. Some had
guns, but others had to stand guard over their homes and property with
machetes. Many Europeans fled to the airport where they begged the
arriving, mostly-European soldiers to evacuate them.

This scenario depicted above is not a piece of B-movie fiction, it
really happened. What’s more, it wasn’t played out in some foreign
banana republic or remote leftover of the British or French Empires.

All the principals described above were Americans – all of them. The
black and Hispanic rioters were Americans. The escaped convicts were
Americans. The police and national guardsmen turned looters were
Americans. The Europeans who took up machetes in defense of their
homes and lives were Americans. The terrified Europeans who fled to
the airport for evacutaion were Americans. The arriving soldiers who
rescued them were Americans. They were all Americans, all of them, and
the Stars and Stripes flew overhead while our imperial society first
broke down and broke up, then reformed in clashing tribal fragments.

This astonishing breakdown was reported on the front page of America’s
leading Imperialist mouthpiece, along with pictures and extensive
eyewitness accounts of the terrified survivors, and it occurred within
the lifetime of most living Americans … and was then instantly
forgotten. Down the memory hole – what’s on the tube tonite?

I’ll wager that today not one American in a thousand remembers this
all-American apocalypse when American police and national guardsmen
turned looters, and when European-Americans had to arm themselves with
machetes and stand guard over their homes, and it all happened on
American soil with the Stars and Stripes flapping overhead, exposed as
the gutted symbol it has been reduced to. Throw in some popcorn and
you’ve got yourself a neat preview of Civil War Two.

I bet you’ve no idea of what I’m talking about, do you? If you are
reading these words on my website you can scan down to the posted
newspaper accounts and verify everything I’ve said. If you’re not at
my website you’ll simply have to visit it. The URL is posted at the
end of this column.

Critics mock my assertion that America will devolve into a 3,000 mile
tribal Superdeath Bowl with black and Hispanic police and soldiers
rebelling and pitching in with their tribal co-ethnics in rioting and
looting and attacking Europeans. My fellow imperial subjects, these
establishment critics can’t even remember when it actually happened
right under their noses.

Residents of Florida should pay particular attention to the ethnic
rebellion described above and documented below by the New York Times.
Why? Because it provides an instructive preview of a region-wide
riot-turned-rebellion that will drive the few remaining Europeans (by
which I mean those not partitioned by machetes) out of southern
Florida about a generation from now, never to return.

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