Sunday, June 30, 2019

I have Rights!

Barb and Don Elmer chose to falsely accuse Timothy Scott Elmer, their
adopted child - of being a Child Molester - based upon False

Timothy Scott Elmer was investigated by the Kenosha Police Department
- which repeatedly violated his rights - and found no evidence for
the alleged crimes.

Multiple People escaped their crimes - for bearing false witness and
threatening the person of Timothy Scott Elmer, whose name was damaged
and smeared.

Let me state: That under Christian Law - Timothy Scott Elmer has the
right to execute every person who falsely testified against him - to
include Barb and Don (now deceased) Elmer.

That also includes accomplices, David and Kathy Brask of Illinois -
who have also conspired to steal the possessions of Timothy Scott
Elmer stored in basement of Don & Barb Elmer - by previous agreement
in exchange for work performed.

All Rights reserved - none waived.

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TSE said...

Providing false testimony alleging a Capital Crime - such as Child Molestation - is itself a Capital Crime.

Under Biblical Law - I have the right to execute those whose testified against me - In fact - the Entire Community is obligated to assist me - or else the Blood be on the hands of the entire community for allowing the transgression of the law.

However, the rogue and lawlewss State of WI, State of IL and United States Government protects the wrong doers from their just punishment. So the sin will remain a stain on the land.