Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Magnet fishing is a slimy new hobby where people pull guns, bikes and weird stuff out of Milwaukee-area rivers, lakes and lagoons

From JSOnline:

Some folks in southern Wisconsin find themselves facing a magnetic attraction to the region's hidden heavy metal scene.

They have taken up what's known as magnet fishing, a hobby that — measured in terms of social media — is all the rage in Europe but is just now becoming a pastime in the American Midwest.

The hobby consists of attaching a powerful magnet to a rope, then tossing the magnet into a waterway. Once the magnet hits bottom, you drag it until it locks onto something metal. Then you haul the item to the surface.

Sometimes the result is treasure, most of the time it's junk, and sometimes what you haul to the surface is just plain weird.

"It’s one of those hobbies where it’s kind of silly and it takes a lot of time and it’s kind of stinky and the water’s gross and you have to wear gloves and my wife’s always like, ‘Ugh, where are you going?' " said Jim Walters, a magnet fishing hobbyist from West Bend.

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