Thursday, June 27, 2019

Officer Hetland's alleged shooter arrested with his handcuffs

From The Journal

RACINE — The suspect who law enforcement officials say shot and killed Racine Police Officer John Hetland last week was arrested Thursday.

The alleged perpetrator was captured in Milwaukee and was taken to jail wearing Hetland's handcuffs. The identity of the suspect was not released during a press conference Thursday evening at the Racine Police Department, 730 Center St.

Hetland, a 24-year Racine Police Department veteran, was shot and killed the night of June 17 at Teezers Bar & Grill, 1936 Lathrop Ave., while trying to stop an armed robbery.

“We are pleased to announce we have caught that killer," said Racine County Sheriff Christopher Schmaling, during the press conference. "This coward is in our custody."

Alongside Schmaling at the joint press conference were Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth and City of Racine Police Chief Art Howell. The officials spoke from a podium next to the quad memorializing Hetland, covered in notes and flowers.

"Hopefully the family tonight will find some comfort,” Schmaling said. “We have worked night and day to see closure."

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Thank you, officers, thank you, thank you.

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