Thursday, June 6, 2019

Our Grandson's Kindergarten Graduation!

Sunday we went up north and on the way we stopped at Horicon Marsh. It was the last day for the auto tour trail because they are repaving it. We did see a lot and another day I will post some pictures.

We spent the night up by Drew's parents because Monday at 6pm was our Grandson's Kindergarten Graduation. We went and had dinner with my son and his family before the graduation and we had a nice time with them. Then at the graduation my older daughter came with her fiance and his twin girls it was so nice to see them while we were up there. The kindergartners sang nine songs and my son was jamming out with them it was funny. The kids did an awesome job singing the songs. Here are some pictures.


legal stranger said...

The endless joys grandchildren bring to their grandparents.
Teach them well.

OrbsCorbs said...

They're real cuties.