Friday, June 14, 2019

Some Wisconsin lawmakers double as landlords — and have passed laws that undermine renters' rights

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, a college-town landlord with 23 properties, backed five major bills the Republican-controlled Legislature enacted that largely benefit landlords. (Photo: Rick Wood / Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

A series of sweeping laws promoting the interests of landlords at the expense of renters, local governments and even public safety have been pushed through the state Capitol since 2011 by a group of lawmakers who moonlight as landlords.

Backed by Assembly Speaker Robin Vos — a college-town landlord with 23 properties worth about $3.8 million — the Republican-controlled Legislature enacted five major bills largely benefiting landlords.
The measures speed up the eviction process, eliminate some tenant legal defenses, limit the power of cities to police landlords and cap fees tied to building code violations. They also allow landlords to toss renters' belongings on the curb immediately after an eviction, instead of placing the property in storage.

Call it the Landlords' Legislature.

In all, about one out of five of state lawmakers who voted on these bills owns or manages rental properties, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel found in its review. At least five lawmakers who double as landlords sponsored the various measures, each of which passed on mostly party-line votes.


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Vos is a pig.

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