Sunday, August 11, 2019

Beat that

This is what happens at Wisconsin Dells when you're smashed on Whiskey
and see something you like - meet my new *WIFE*. She's from Eastern
Europe, but I can't tell you her name. I also scored a redhead girl's
name & phone number! And visited with Blonde Angie - so that's a
Blonde, Brunette and a Redhead - and Harry says I don't have any
girlfriends! Beat that - Harry!


TSE said...

The first picture was taken by my friend Nate - that is the "Look of Love" as I was gaming her.

Not quite as happy when she found out - I am just a Slumdog Millionaire. (not the real deal)

TSE said...

The first picture says it all - as I was gaming her, Something I haven't done in years..... but felt so good to do.

That is the "Look of Love".

TSE said...

The Look Of Love - Burt Bacharach

legal stranger said...

A trifecta !

Blonde, brunette and redhead all on the same trip