Monday, August 12, 2019

Survey: 13% of Americans underestimate dangers of driving while high

From The Journal

A recently published nationwide survey supports what local law enforcement leaders have been saying for months: The public often underestimates the dangers of driving while high.

Of the 2,582 drivers surveyed by the American Automobile Association (AAA) in 2018, 13.5% of American drivers said they felt that driving within an hour of using marijuana was only “slightly dangerous” or “not dangerous at all.”

In comparison, only 1.2% of those surveyed said that driving while over the legal limit for alcohol consumption was “slightly dangerous” or “not dangerous at all.”

“A lot of people don’t realize the amount that it (marijuana) impairs them,” said Nick Jarmusz, director of public affairs for AAA Wisconsin. “There’s this misperception that marijuana is not as dangerous or impairing (as alcohol). … Knowing the amount the public believes that misperception is important.”

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