Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Murder of Tyrese West

Dear Village of MTP Trustees,

There was a peaceful rally for Tyrese West held on the steps of the
Racine County Courthouse - today - at 5:30 PM. And now....

Posters at JT are claiming RIOTS on Wednesday?!

What in the World is going on? No one is demanding a riot. Are you
public officials so afraid of the wrongs you have committed and
condemned against an innocent Man that you seek to instigate a False

Tyrese West was shot - if I remember right - 5 times - to the back -
and twice in the head.

Probable cause - Riding a bike without a headlight - and the running
away from Police because he was afraid that their violence and
prejudice might take his life. Tyrese West was right - for MTP Police
Officer used - in my opinion - excessive force - and took his life.

And RPD failed in it's due diligence = and cleared Officer Giese - but
that's to be expected from the corrupt and graft ridden office of DA
Trish Hanson and RPD Police Chief Art Howell.

From the article:

"As Person spoke, he held a sign that contained a previously released
photo of his son’s corpse that shows what appear to be two bullet
holes in his head. Under the photo were the words “son, brother,
friend.” Opposite the photo of West was a picture of Giese,
underscored by the words “bad cop.”

The top of the sign read: “This is murder.”

“He’s a monster,” Person said of Giese. “He’s a monster.”

 No one is going to riot - and Racine County DA Trish Hanson - quite
frankly - needs a psychological evaluation for claiming otherwise.
Clearly, from her absurd claims and neurosis - she needs psychiatric
help and evaluation. Racine County DA Trish Hanson is unsuitable to
serve at any level of government.


Tim & Cindy

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