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Opposite mind sets are man made.

by: FKA_Realist @ 63 I agree the opposite mind set is reflected in the
two (places, religions, and race) objects I choose to make my point.
These two objects NYC, Jewish race, Judea religion vs Iran, Arab, and
Shea Muslim religion are opposite polar objects in our global society
as you have indicated. The point of my post, though was that opposite
mind sets are man made. Human behavior ( mind set driven) is a result
of information available in the cage (propaganda). Teaching, reward
system and propaganda in the caged environment allows the rat to be
made into what ever the those in charge of the the nation state
desire. When criminals are in charge of the information, teaching and
reward systems they can use those systems to mold the innocent minds
of those contained. Establishing control over the thought processes,
directed learning (education), and reward system allows propaganda to
establishes for the masses a belief system. Rule of law, reward (
medal of honor), directed learning are control systems which can be
varied and controlled by properly engineered propaganda. If criminals
gain control of the nation state system (human containers) they can
use propaganda to polarize the people in one container against the
people in another container <= polarizing the people of one nation
state to hate the people or the ways of the people of target nation
state. It is this container effect, that allows criminals or crazies)
in charge to use the national resources and the people of a container
(nation state) to conduct their wars for profit, power and prestige.

Some on tonight's comments, have suggested bombing several cities in
America to stop the USA from its behaviors. But Pearl Harbor, 9/11
both prove propaganda can use these events to activate into action the
masses against those that the containerized populations have been
polarized to hate. <=it does not matter the facts of who did the 9/11
event? The invasion of Iraq is a prime case in point, no facts showed
that Iraq did the 9/11 event, but private media 92% owned by 6 folks
(MSM) engineered propaganda to suggest that Iraq was responsible (just
as when the Houthi crashed out the Saudi oil infrastructure, the
media, without a fact, pointed to Iran). .. After 9/11 millions joined
the government military to help avenge 9/11.. but what the avengers
actually did was put billions of dollars of profits into the pockets
of the privateers who engineered the event and who used it to organize
the attack on and invasion into Iraq.
Yet 90% of more of the USA governed Americans are still unaware of how
9/11 really happened and who actually engineered 9/11. Even when the
verifiable facts were presented undermining nearly all points of the
9/11 story put forth by government, most Americans still believed the
official story ( cause it can be quite painful not too, and because
Americans are so media encapsulated that they believe anything the MS
media distributes to be the truth . American's have no history of
questioning their media, and the government usually ends up takeing
the blame for media mistakes, but media in most western nations is
privately owned.
propaganda + reward system + education + social conditioning +
directed mind setting by positions of power = The container effect

Basically humans are information sponges, absorbing from the societies
in which they reside or are raised 1) information and knowledge, 2)
learning to engage only in normative and acceptable behaviors 3) etc.
.. Does not matter the biology of the parents, the biology is merely a
system of construction and maintenance, that maintains a physical
structure (the body) able to support the molding of one's mind to
maximize accommodation to system. It does not matter: the political
system, the social system, the religious system, just the system
explains it. Its the mind-set that the psycho engineer designs into
the propaganda that counts. Container trapped humans adopt by osmosis
the psycho engineered propaganda taught to the newborn, the structure
of the human is not important, its the mind that returns a mind set
controlled behavior that counts.

I say again to stop the wars it is necessary first so overcome the
container effect. thanks for reading my comment.

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