Monday, September 23, 2019

Our Weekend Up North!

Two months ago there was a real bad storm that hit Lily Wisconsin. It is very close to Drew's parents house and his Mom called me to keep us up to date on how everything was going up there. It was so bad people went with out electric for five days or more. These families lost all their food in their refrigerators and some had trees fall on their homes. When we were going to his parents house you could still see the devastation and this is still two months later they are cleaning up. Yes we did take pictures to share with you.

The reason we went up north is because it was for are Grandkids birthday party. So I had to make two salads and I made them each their own giant cookie and yes I took picture of them to share also. We had a great weekend.

First pictures is from the storm.


legal stranger said...

That area was really hit hard.
Some nice pics THB

OrbsCorbs said...

I agree. Thank you for the pictures, THB.