Sunday, September 22, 2019

The Arrest Report of Racine County DA Rich Chiapete:

Dear City of Racine Alderpersons,

A fellow Activist, Ricky Jarstadt posted a link on his Facebook page
to my investigative article concerning former Racine County Rich
Chiapete - and let me be plain and clear - that current DA Trish
Hansen provided cover for Rich and his wife Jennifer, turned a blind
eye - and even denied being able to access the arrest report in a
debate with her Democrat opponent - Thomas Binger.

I am now asking you to open your minds - put aside your partisan
politics and personal interests - conceived notions, and prejudices.

I give you - The Arrest Report of Racine County DA Rich Chiapete:

I have also attached a PDF of that arrest report - obtained personallyby me via Open Records request - to this E-mail, so that you maybecome aware of the facts and be held to account for now you know thetruth.

Sometimes people ask me to run for political office - but I don't wantpower or control over others. I don't like large social gatheringsbecause I am shy, introverted, and want to be left alone to enjoy lifeas I see fit - but everyday, what I read about the happenings inRacine County irritates and frustrates me - because I KNOW that thecriminals are in charge - and that includes Racine County DA TrishHansen.

I may even force my person to come before the Council and speak onTyrese West and what I feel is the use of excessive force and murderof Tyrese West. Police Officers may be granted limited liability byState Actors - but there is more to the Universe than State Actors orsimply mortality - and let me be clear - I AM NOT A CHRISTIAN.

When I was detained by the Racine Police Officer on Mound and 6th. hecould not even provide a description of the allegedly stolen bicycleand backup had already been called! If it wasn't for the fact that inmy polite conversation with the Officer - I mentioned that I wasrelated to retired RPD Captain Daniel Elmer - who knows what wouldhave happened.

You people on the Council have a lot of soul searching to do - that is- if you have a soul.

I'm holding you to account for participating in the coverup of themurder of Tyrese West - in the next life. I have observed - andwitness against you - a Man of Peace stands tall. A Pisces born tothis World in the age of Pisces on 2-24-1963. Enough - is enough.


Tim & Cindy


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