Friday, November 1, 2019

Sex robot brothel using teledildonics to give customers virtual hookers at home

Nevada’s Alien Cathouse has always offered an out-of-this world experience to its clients – but now the UFO-themed brothel is set to add an even more futuristic dimension by offering a sex robot alongside its human “courtesans.”
The Cathouse’s Rod Thompson told Daily Star Online why they have added a robot to their line-up: “For clients that have certain… fetishes that courtesans might not be interested in, the robot could fulfil those”
Asked how the Cathouse’s flesh-and-blood denizens felt about working alongside an AI rival, Rod said they were all for it: “The Courtesans are actually excited about the additional revenue stream to Alien Cathouse, and themselves …as well as the additional opportunities that might present themselves for interested parties wanting to party with a real flesh and blood courtesan and with an AI sex robot at the same time.
The Alien Cathouse does a roaring trade despite its remote location 

The Cathouse is also introducing teledildonics into its menu of possibilities using cutting-edge kiiroo kit to let potential clients in other states – or even other countries – spend some virtual quality time with their star performers.
Rod says: “Alien Cathouse really [caters for] towards individuals seeking to fulfil a sexual fantasy with a porn star and we are in talks with teledildonics manufacturers in regard to having each of our suites outfitted to accommodate this technology.
Jenevieve Hexxx is a Cathouse regular

“Some of the ladies are very excited about this, because they say it gives them an opportunity to give men, women or couples that chance to experience an encounter with a real courtesan at a brothel they might not normally, because of time and or distance be able to actually physically visit.
“We have one of our top porn star courtesans that will be the first to book a client for this experience around Halloween this month.”

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