Monday, March 30, 2020

Trump describes grim scenes from Elmhurst Hospital in Queens

The exterior of Elmhurst Hospital in Queens on Sunday, March 29. Mary Altaffer/AP

President Donald Trump described a grim scene of Elmhurst Hospital in Queens, including body bags and refrigerated trucks to take away bodies.
"I've been watching them bringing in trailer trucks. Freezer trucks. Freezer trucks, because they can’t handle the bodies because there are so many of them," Trump said.
 Trump added that he has never seen anything like this in this country.
This is in my community in Queens, New York. I have seen things that I’ve never seen before. I mean I've seen them, but I’ve seen them on television and faraway lands, never in my country," Trump said. "When I see the trucks pull up to take out bodies, and these are trucks that are as long as the Rose Garden. And they're pulling up to take out bodies and you look inside, and you see the black body bags and you say what is in there? (It's) Elmhurst Hospital, must be supplies. It is not supplies, it is people. I have never seen anything like it."
Trump also described body bags in hospital hallways, but CNN has seen no evidence that there are body bags in the hallways of the hospital. There are refrigerated trucks where hospital personnel have been putting bodies to alleviate the capacity of the regular morgue.

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