Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Brett Favre thinks Packers QB Aaron Rodgers will finish his career with another team

From JSOnline:

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Brett Favre greets Aaron Rodgers
during halftime of the Packers'
Thanksgiving game in 2015.
(Photo: Evan Siegle/P-G
Aaron Rodgers likely will finish his career somewhere other than Green Bay, said someone who should know: former Packers quarterback Brett Favre.
Appearing Wednesday on the Rich Eisen Show, Favre was asked what he thought was in store for Rodgers after the team's decision to select quarterback Jordan Love in the first round of last week's NFL draft.
"I think he'll play somewhere else," said Favre, who moved on from Green Bay after a storied career and spent his final three seasons with the New York Jets and Minnesota Vikings. "That's my gut."
Favre told Eisen that he had spoken to Rodgers since the draft.
"I guarantee you (the Love pick) got the wheels turning in Aaron's mind," Favre said. "That means there's a chip on his shoulder toward the organization that otherwise was not there. All (Rodgers) needed was a reason (to play elsewhere)."
More details to come.

Oh my God, Aaron, say it ain't so!

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