Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Tavern lobby asks lawmakers to allow bars to deliver alcohol to homes during coronavirus shutdown

From JSOnline:

, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

MADISON - One of the state's most powerful lobbying groups is asking lawmakers to allow bars and restaurants to deliver alcohol to people staying in their homes under Gov. Tony Evers order to stay inside. 
It's one of a dozen requests the Tavern League of Wisconsin is putting to lawmakers as they draft relief packages with Evers for the state suffering economic losses as the coronavirus outbreak forces people to stay put and closes scores of businesses. 
"Taverns and restaurants in Wisconsin will have been closed to regular business for 38 days after the current Executive Order expires," Tavern League President Chris Marsicano, who owns The Village Supper Club in Delavan, said in a Tuesday letter to lawmakers. "Without the additional help of state government the hospitality industry will suffer significant permanent loss."

"One of the state's most powerful lobbying groups . . ."  You know the Tavern League.  They're the guys who keep lobbying the state legislature to NOT increase the penalties for drunk driving in Wisconsin.  Their primary product is a corrosive, addictive substance that destroys families and lives.  As they kill people, they claim to be in the "hospitality industry."  In reality, they are in the alcoholism industry.  Party on, Tavern League!

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