Sunday, May 3, 2020


From Racine County Corruption:

If allowed, the dark forces within our government will whitewash
 this incident and spin the truth.

John Dickert
Johnny "road rage driver" Dickert

 Racine County District Attorney Patricia Hanson has yet to
 issue charges against John Dickert or Christian Reynoso,
 the other party involved concerning a road rage
 incident that occurred on March 22, 2020
 at the Piggly Wiggly on Washington Ave.

You may read more here:

RCC has acquired two videos of the altercation between John Dickert and Christian Reynoso. 

The videos show Dickert falling forward to the ground during the altercation, as if he were drunk.

18 year old Christian Reynoso stated the former mayor approached his passenger car window yelling, then moved to the drivers side of Reynoso's car as Dickert continued his rant.

When Reynoso got out of his car, he claims Dickert initiated the altercation by grabbing him by his throat and began choking him.   Video evidence indicate a good old fashioned ass kicking was delivered to Dickert shortly afterwards.

Mt. Pleasant police arrived on the scene and the 
altercation promptly ended.

Both were treated by paramedics and 
released at the scene.

According to the Racine Journal Times, Former city of Racine mayor John Dickert is represented by Attorney Patrick Cafferty, who stated that he is exchanging information with the district attorney's office.

Christian Reynoso has made requests for discovery from both the City of Mt. Pleasant and the district attorney's office, both have withheld any information and denied to release discovery.  

Obstruction of justice notices have been sent to both the city of Mt. Pleasant and the district attorney's office by Mr. Reynoso.

Think about this, Attorney Cafferty is claiming to be exchanging information about the road rage incident with the D.A's office, yet Mr Reynoso has received no information and is actively being denied any discovery.

Does this sound like a cover up ? 

We think so !

We ask who is the responsible adult here?
An 18 year old kid or a 57 year old public official who currently works as Division Administrator for the 
Wisconsin Department of Revenue.

Want to meet the 18 year old kid that schooled Dickert that it isn't nice to attack someone.

Word on the street is Mr. Reynoso will be featured on 
Talking Racine this Monday morning.

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