Saturday, May 16, 2020

Reynoso also charged in Dickert road rage case.

From Racine County Corruption:

Reynoso also charged in Dickert 
road rage case.
John "road rage driver" Dickert

In an outrageous display of abuse of power, Racine County District Attorney Patricia Hanson issued criminal misdemeanor charges against 19 year old Christian Reynoso, the other party involved with Former Mayor John Dickert's road rage case.

New Racine County Circuit Court case # 20CM605

District Attorney Patricia Hanson undercharged Dickert with only Disorderly Conduct when other charges were warranted.

According to witnesses of the road rage incident, LM and ED provided Mt. Pleasant police with this information within the criminal complaint against John Dickert.

"Officer Serpe also spoke with L.M. and E.D.. E.D. stated she was in her vehicle and told L.M. to
look over at two males arguing. E.D. stated that she observed the male without the red sweatshirt
(Dickert) hit the other male (Reynoso) 4-5 times before Reynoso started hitting back. L.M. stated that
Dickert appeared to be very agitated, and began to hit Reynoso before Reynoso hit back."

Based on the above statements of these two witnesses, 
another charge is warranted against physical perpetrator 
Dickert of battery.

Wisconsin Statutes:
940.19 Battery; substantial battery; aggravated battery.
(1)  Whoever causes bodily harm to another by an act done with intent to cause bodily harm to that person or another without the consent of the person so harmed is guilty of a Class A misdemeanor.
(2)Whoever causes substantial bodily harm to another by an act done with intent to cause bodily harm to that person or another is guilty of a Class I felony. 


The D.A. has already undercharged politically connected Dickert and now overcharged a 19 year old kid to bring him into the "system". 

THEN - Further reduce Dickert's criminal charge during 
plea bargaining to a civil forfeiture or dismiss altogether. 
As reduced or dismissed charges against Dickert is realized, 
then continue to hang the kid out to dry as Dickert's scapegoat.

These types of deals is one of many plague's 
within Racine's government.

Patricia Hanson - D.A.

The secret back handed deals in Racine government is just 
business as normal.


Help HOT Government clean the plague's of Racine.


OrbsCorbs said...

Fuck the criminals that run Racine.

TSE said...

The kid will be the scapegoat for Dickert and the rest of the lying Community.

The Bearded Lady is an abomination.

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