Wednesday, May 20, 2020


From Racine County Corruption:

(Racine Unified School District)

A quick look at the referendum
by the numbers

RUSD serves the following 7 communities.

Racine, Caledonia, Mt.Pleasant, Wind Point, 
Elmwood Park, North Bay, Sturtevant.

There are approximately 20,000 students within the school system.

There are about 150,000 residents within RUSD

The average home within RUSD is already taxed yearly at a mil rate of appoximately $9.96
per thousand assessed or about 1% of the home’s value goes yearly towards the
Racine Unified School District.

So an average $130,000.00 home is already paying the school levy of $1,294.80 per year to the schools.

So what is the average cost of the referendum divided into the number by residents?

What is 1 billion dollars divided by
One hundred fifty thousand residents? 
The answer is biblical, even prophesied!
$6,666,66…… per resident.

Let’s try this again

1,000,000,000 divided by One Hundred fifty thousand equals 6,666.66…………..
The math works out.

Now let’s look at the average family’s cost.

For each man, woman and child living within the RUSD school district, the future additional tax consequences are indeed dire.

The average family of four will be paying an additional $26,666.64.dollars in addition to the already overtaxed yearly school system property levies.

Will there even be brick and mortar schools
30 years into the future?

The insanity continues!

The honeymoon between tech companies and schools is long over as each entity is fighting for educational funding from the government. 

The love/hate relationship between tech companies and schools are festering to new levels of 
economic warfare.  

 Tech companies and public schools are now in full conflict of who is going to secure the future educational tax dollars.

As all the dark forces continue to concoct new ways to tax you and your family into servitude, the public is being pushed further and further into deeper water, barely treading, trying to stay afloat with all the extra baggage these taxing agencies have place upon your burden.

Looking for other ways to analyze the real impact of the RUSD election?

How about dividing a billion dollars into the number of tax paying properties within the district?

The numbers are not child's play.

Keep in mind the old adage:

Figures lie and liars figure.

What can HOT Government do for you?

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