Tuesday, June 2, 2020


From Racine County Corruption:

Mayor "Coryuption" Mason

What will Mayor Mason choose?

Should rioting and anarchy come to Racine, will Mason choose anarchy or law and order?  

Will the Racine Police Department serve and protect 
or will they run like cowards as the 
Minneapolis police department did?

Let's pray that we don't have to find out.

Citizens have rights to demonstrate, to call out derelict,
corrupt and dangerous members of government, but they don't have the right to engage in criminal misconduct to riot, pillage and destroy local infrastructure. 

The City of Racine has seen numerous civil protest against corrupt and dangerous members within local government, most without incident.

Several peace marches and vigils were held by the public to protest the killing of Donte Shannon and Tyrese West by local police.
These marches were peaceful and well within their
 rights to protest.

During the 2019 Fourth of July parade in downtown Racine, Milwaukee citizen Tory Lowe disrupted the theme of the parade and called attention to the 
Mt. Pleasant police killing of
18 year old Tyrese West.
Tory Lowe

Mr. Lowe didn't destroy property, didn't set fire to police cars and didn't threaten anyone, his protest was provocative, 
peaceful and within reason.
Mr. Lowe was apprehended by the City of Racine police department, cited for disorderly conduct and released.

Case # 2019 FO 000789
 He is currently scheduled for trial on 6-18-2020, 8:30 am, 
6 person jury, Racine County Courthouse, 2 floor, 
judge Robert Repischak presiding.

HOT Government on December 21, 2019 held 
in honor of  "CORRUPTION" within Racine.
You may click to view the party here:
HOT Government illuminated the truth, exposed, mocked, humiliated and degraded local corrupt Racine officials during the celebrations.  These types of protest are healthy for the community as it exposes the dirty dealings of local government and encourages public discussion of the ills of our community.  Civil protest are a fundamental right, guaranteed by the First amendment of the U.S.Constitution.

Civil protest are just that, civil, they are peaceful with respect to the surroundings within our community, riots are not.

When riots happen, as in Minneapolis  it is a knee jerk reaction against the unaccountable acts by public officials to fix their broken and corrupt offices. In essence, Hennepin county government is the root cause of the riots for not cleaning their own house. The police union, the Blue line,  Hennepin County District Attorney's office and the derelict judges are all to blame.  Hennepin County got what they negotiated as well as numerous other corrupt communities who have had riots, because,
where there is no hope, there is only despair.

Communities who lack civilian oversight or hold any real accountability of government officials, whether it is the mayor, police, D.A's office or even public works, or the culture exist in government that tolerates and protects the bad apples from within, then you can bet dollars to donuts that the community will suffer discord and anarchy.

The criminal elements within Racine government are fostering anarchy within Racine County, "Coryuption" is rampant and it is only a matter of time before anarchy strikes home.

Got insurance?

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