Thursday, July 2, 2020

Brookfield police say it was protocol for 12 officers from three departments to respond to report of Black teens shoplifting

From JSOnline:

Samantha Hendrickson
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

The police response for a shoplifting call for two Black teenagers Tuesday evening in Brookfield is generating attention after 12 police officers from three departments were on scene to arrest the juveniles.
The teenagers, ages 16 and 13, were arrested at 124th Street after a caller reported a theft at the nearby Burlington store on Capitol Drive. Police found no items on the 16-year-old, but found multiple stolen items in the 13-year-old's backpack, police said during a Wednesday news conference. 
A Facebook Live video of the arrest went viral the same night, and showed as many as four officers at a time restraining the 13-year-old on the ground before moving him into a police car. On the video, as many as six officers can be seen surrounding the teenager.

The  boy weighed about 80 to 90 pounds, police later approximated.

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