Friday, August 21, 2020

City Council approves $270K settlement, no details provided

From The Journal

Christina Lieffring

RACINE — The Racine City Council on Tuesday approved a proposed settlement with Kurt Hanson and Melissa Hernandez for $270,000, though there was no discussion on why the settlement was being brought forward.
The Executive Committee discussed the proposed settlement in closed session on Monday and voted to send it to the City Council recommending approval. The legislative report on the resolution states the settlement is to resolve litigation Hanson and Hernandez had planned to bring forward against the city. The reason for the litigation was not discussed in open session.
The Journal Times has filed a records request with the city for a copy of the settlement and any claims or complaints filed on Hanson and Hernandez’s behalf which disclose the background of nature of the cause for litigation against the city.
Over a quarter of a million of our tax dollars given away with no explanation of why.  Such actions belong in Nazi Germany, not in America.  "Honest, Open, Transparent" should be tattooed on the foreheads of those who sit on the Executive Committee.  Schweinhunds all.

Submitted by legal stranger:

I have reason to believe the $270,000 dollar settlement is for the illegal taking of property by police.
ie.  killing of dogs

Does Kurt Hanson's name sound familiar?


legal stranger said...

Sounds like the muzzling of illegal killing of dogs

TSE said...

City of Ratcine is a criminal organization - but I stated that obvious fact many years ago.

Hey McMayor Cory Butterball Mason - GO FUCK YOURSELF!