Monday, October 26, 2020

Drivers asked to be aware of, and patient with, farm equipment

From The Journal

Corn is harvested from a Rossi Farms field in Bristol on Wednesday.

“Please be patient as we share the roads this time of year,” said Sue Crane, whose family owns a farm in Brighton.

Randall Rossi, of the Town of Paris, said road closures have pushed some farmers, like motorists, onto roads they typically do not use to access their fields.

The Wisconsin Farm Bureau, Department of Transportation, and Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection this week issued a reminder that agricultural equipment is allowed to operate on state roads.

“We must all remember that everyone on the roadway has family and friends they want to return home to,” said Wisconsin Farm Bureau President Joe Bragger. “Farmers and motorists need to respect each other and work together to keep Wisconsin’s roadways safe this fall.”

Know the law

There have been 1,714 crashes involving farm equipment during the last decade statewide that resulted in 834 injuries and 29 fatalities.

The following laws are in place regarding various scenarios when farm equipment and other motor vehicles share the road:

Passing: It’s illegal to pass any farm tractors and machinery in a no-passing zone. Farmers should not pull over or wave vehicles forward in a no-passing zone.

Left-hand turn: Farm equipment has two flashing yellow lights while in operation on roadways. Only one light will continue to flash in the direction the farmer wishes to turn. Farmers may use hand signals if they are operating equipment without turn signals.

Controlled intersection: Motorists should be aware when passing farm equipment within a short distance of a controlled intersection that it can impact reaction time and braking distance for the farm equipment operator.


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