Sunday, November 29, 2020

That Mysterious Monolith in the Utah Desert? It’s Gone, Officials Say

From The Nrw York

The metal structure has been removed, Utah officials said on Saturday, adding that they had not taken it down.

Credit...Utah Department of Public Safety, via Associated Press

As mysteriously as it arrived, a metal monolith that was discovered last week by Utah public safety workers is now gone, officials said on Saturday.

The three-sided metal structure was removed on Friday evening “by an unknown party” from the public land it was found on, the federal Bureau of Land Management’s Utah office said in a statement.

The bureau said it had not removed the monolith, which it considers “private property.”

The Utah Department of Public Safety said on Monday that it had found the object while surveying for bighorn sheep.

“IT’S GONE!” the Department of Public Safety said, reacting to the news in an Instagram post. “Almost as quickly as it appeared it has now disappeared,” the department said, adding, “I can only speculate” that aliens took it back, using the emoji for extraterrestrials.

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