Thursday, November 26, 2020

Virtual Mate

Harry said -"It is better to be alone than wish you were alone" - but now there is Virtual Mate! All the upsides of having a Woman as your personal servant with none of the downsides of dealing with her material ambitions or bitchy side!

Virtual Mate - The most realistic virtual partner game.

Turn your favorite character or celebrity into your virtual partner with the Virtual Mate Virtual Intimacy System. Offering a realistic virtual partner game and multi-functional hardware, this system provides an interactive and immersive experience that excites. Compatible with most PC, laptop, mobile, and VR Hadsets, Virtual Mate features multiple modes including Fast Mode, Story Mode, and VR Mode, enabling you to play your way. Equipped with a smart layer, the hardware Core gathers and transfers your motion data to your Virtual Mate. She recognizes your speed, depth, and strength, and responds in real-time. Virtual Mate provides a real-time photo-realistic virtual mate or a 2D virtual mate based on anyone or any 2D character's appearance. Players can vote for their favorite actresses and characters online, and new updates can be added to satisfy every user. Providing a mental, physical, and emotional journey, Virtual Mate lets you build a deep connection with your desired virtual lovers. For more information, visit Virtual Mate's Offical Site.


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