Friday, November 20, 2020

WILL, private schools, parents challenge Racine's school closure order in state Supreme Court

From The Journal

RACINE — A group of local private schools, parents and advocacy groups represented by the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty are challenging the City of Racine Health Department’s school closure order in Wisconsin Supreme Court.

The order, issued by Racine’s Public Health Administrator Dottie-Kay Bowersox, would close all school buildings within its jurisdiction from Nov. 27 to Jan. 15 in an effort to keep COVID-19 from spreading in schools during the holiday season. The City Health Department covers Racine, Elmwood Park and Wind Point

In its petition, WILL, a conservative nonprofit legal group based in Milwaukee, asks the Supreme Court to immediately put a halt to the order until a conclusion is reached in a similar case before the court regarding a public health order closing schools in Dane County. In September, the court put a temporary halt to Dane County’s health order until the case is concluded. That Dane County case, in which WILL is representing petitioners as well, is set for oral arguments on Dec. 8.

WILL argues that local public health officers do not have the legal power to order broad school closures.

Scott Letteney


Racine City Attorney Scott Letteney has previously asserted that the Department of Health Services state administrative code does give Racine Public Health Administrator Dottie-Kay Bowersox that power.

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Shyster Letteney is a lying swine.  You can't believe a word that he utters.  

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