Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Uptown Racine hosts window art exhibit

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From the Things to do in and around Racine County series

Artist Rebecca Bissi installs her art piece in a Uptown Racine storefront window.

RACINE — "Waste Not," a contemporary art exhibit in vacant storefront windows along the 1400 to 1500 blocks of Washington Avenue in Uptown Racine, will be on exhibit through February. "Waste Not" focuses on repurposing waste materials and the impact our daily consumption poses.

Five local artists turn everyday and manufacturing waste into art, each exploring innovative approaches to their free and abundant material of choice.

Rebecca Bissi, Maureen Fritchen and Maggie Venn all use polyethylene foam, with strikingly different results and colors. Bissi, an artist with a fashion design background, creates a life-size black cocktail dress by attaching varying sizes of the same motif to a slotted base. The dress can be worn, but Bissi cautions, you cannot sit down. Fritchen chose an aqua foam for its glass-like color and cable ties to form large coral-like vessels. Venn creates large biomorphic forms that cascade from the ceiling. She sees the pink installation as a rushing waterfall but invites viewers to read into it what they may.

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