Monday, February 15, 2021

Kenosha News Editorial: Legalize marijuana in Wisconsin

 Gov. Tony Evers said last week he will propose legalizing marijuana for Wisconsin residents in his state budget as part of a plan to generate $166 million in revenue to help fund rural schools and programs for marginalized communities.

Predictably, it was met with a bucket of cold water from state Republicans who can’t seem to spell the word Evers without putting a capital N in front of it.

So, no, we don’t expect Evers’ proposal will come within a wisp of gaining passage from the GOP-controlled Legislature.

But it’s probably a good time for state Republicans to do a reality check.

The reality is this:

Across the country there is a boom in marijuana legalization — both for recreational and medical purposes. In November, voters in Arizona, New Jersey, Montana and South Dakota approved ballot measures to legalize, tax and regulate recreational marijuana. Currently recreational marijuana is legal in 15 states and 36 states allow medical marijuana. Next up will be New York, Virginia, New Mexico and Connecticut where strong pushes for legal recreational use are expected in the coming weeks.

Closer to home, neighbors Michigan and Illinois were already on that list — along with Canada to the north and Mexico is expected to go that route shortly.

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