Sunday, April 11, 2021

Congo Documentary Shows That There Would be Great Opportunities for American Blacks in Africa

A recent documentary shows the life of the blacks of the Congo.

Produced by the French for the German state media outlet DW, it’s a rather fascinating 42 minutes. Deceptively titled “The Life of the Super-Rich in Central Africa,” the film is more about poor people who plan to get rich.

The film goes throughout the various poverty hells of the country, which do not appear particularly hellish – just poor. It also does chronicle the daily lives of some of the country’s wealthy, including a rapper, a woman who runs a woman-only taxi service, a mine-operator and a prophet who sells a miracle juice made of gasoline and lemon juice.

One thing that Americans will notice is that these blacks are much more good natured than the violent, evil blacks we are used to seeing in our own country. Certainly, these blacks too have a capacity for extreme violence, as is seen by the country’s ridiculous history of brutal and nonsensical civil wars. But overall, it is a much more chilled-out vibe than you see in America.

Watching it you also think: “I could go there and make a fortune, these people have no idea what is even going on and they have all these resources.” This may not be a bad idea. I don’t know, they might just kill you, but there are clearly opportunities. It’s nearly 100 million people who will work for basically nothing.

But the people who should go there are the American blacks. They have the blessing of some of our genetics, as well as hundreds of years of exposure to our culture.

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TSE said...

Pleez Mr. and Mrs Negro - go back to Africa.

TSE said...

Cory Mason and Rebekkah also need to go there.... hey - to rule over their Knee-Grows.