Sunday, April 25, 2021

DC Mulatto Cop? KING πŸ‘‘


In DC this week, a black was ranting and filming the cops, and asked them: “are you gonna kill me like Ma’Khia [sic] Bryant? Da fuq.”

A mulatto cop quickly retorted: “are you gonna stab somebody like her?”


The black snapped back: “No.”

Then he figured out that wasn’t the right answer, adding: “But she called yall fo’ help. The fug is you talkin’ bout. Get your goofy ass, and you just said that on camera, this shit goin’ viral.”

He was right.

Though I’m not sure it went viral in the way he intended. Not a good look for the blacks.

And whatever – I’ve got no love for the DC cops after the stab in the back.

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