Monday, April 19, 2021

France: Lesbians Whine About Getting Raped by Trannies


How dare you?

Trannies v. lesbians is shaping up to be the battle of the century.

It’s going to be like Godzilla v. Kong, except without the worst CGI you’ve ever witnessed.


French lesbians have denounced sexual assaults perpetrated by transgender individuals within the far-left activist scene, saying transgender Antifa activists have accused them of “transphobia”.

A number of lesbian feminist activists have said that transgender male-to-female activists have sexually assaulted them and accused them of “transphobia” for not being sexually attracted to them.

In a letter signed by eleven women and published by the magazine Marianne, they say that “men who have transitioned systematically try to take control of lesbian associations.”

“In the spaces they lead, we have to undergo workshops called ‘deconstruction of genital preferences’, brainwashing to overcome our aversion to coitus and fellatio,” the letter states.

The authors note that women have even been attacked by far-left activists “carrying queer and Antifa flags” at demonstrations and say more and more young people are becoming radicalised by gender ideology.

We covered this in an article last month

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