Sunday, April 11, 2021

Michael Bell & Me

 Yep - and as we all know - I am a Pedophile - or so Kenosha PD claimed and violated my rights while my adoptive Parents applauded the false claims. Meanwhile - actual pedophile Curtiss Johnson was exonerated in the false system of injustice practiced by the Evil State of Wisconsin. The State is hate - and they love to employ evil Actors.

May God bless Michael Bell's Father - and may the demand for justice in the most corrupt and degenerate SE WI continue.

- - - - -

Bell’s investigator Russell Beckman accuses Graveley of being “dishonest, fraudulent, deceitful” in his statement about DNA.


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TSE said...

Let em continue to shake their fist and quake with hate!

And a big FUCK YOU to Mayor Butterball and his dishonest and lying wife.