Sunday, April 18, 2021

Three men arrested after stray bullets from target practice hit cars driving on I-90 east of Madison

From JSOnline:
Elliot Hughes
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Three men were arrested Saturday after three vehicles driving along Interstate 90 in Dane County were struck by stray bullets from a target practice session.

Law enforcement began receiving reports about damaged vehicles around 2:15 p.m. and responded to the area of I-90 and U.S. Highway 12/18, east of Madison, according to a news release from the Dane County Sheriff's Office.

One caller reported his car windows being shot out.

Officers with the Madison and McFarland police departments accompanied deputies as they canvassed the area, the release said. They eventually located three men who had been shooting target practice with various caliber firearms from the 3000 block of Vilas Road in Cottage Grove.

The suspects had been shooting at targets with the interstate only a few hundred yards away, the release said. 

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TSE said...

HEY! That's not me! The Mount Pleasant Police Department already confiscated my guns under some Judicial ruling that allowed them to do so. SO - It ain't me and MTP is much safer...

well again,

I don't live there anymore...

But then again...

I fled those 13,000 jobs at Foxconn producing Gen 10 LCDs while paying $53,000 each.

Those jobs actually exist - right? MTP Village Idiot David DeGoof sez so along with Racine County Ex Jonathon Delagrave and Ratcine Mayor Cory "Butterball" Mason - right?!

Those jobs exist - of that I am sure - and while my guns were taken by MTP PD - ya'll can rest safer - and be gainfully employed by Foxconn.