Monday, May 10, 2021

Too $hort - Dope fiend beat

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TSE said...

Great tune! Lyrics are dirty as Hell!

itch, funky fresh from Oakland, California
Dangerous Music and it don't stop to the beat, baby
Bitches on my mind
I can't hold back, now's the time
All you loud-mouth bitches talk too much
And you dick teasin' bitches never fuck
I seen a long-hair bitch, workin' at stitches
Her hair ain't really but two inches
All you bald-head hoes in the Oakland world
Runnin' around town with jheri curls
Nappy head niggas like myself
Get a bald-head and say, "Go to hell!"
But you's a snake, you's the one
You bald-head bitch, you need a perm
So much game when the homies tough
I make a bitch blow who never sucks
It really ain't life but I just met her
Now I'm sayin', "Bitch, suck better!"
Fuck you, stupid hoe, tell me just what you know
I came to the party and turned it up
You say, "Ouh, he's got a dirty mouth!"
But, bitch, I kept talkin' shit
Motherfuck you, damn shit-head bitch
I want a blow job and I'm not kiddin'
Work it in your mouth till your head starts spinnin'
I'm that nigga you'll answer to
If I say, "Bitch, jump!", that's what you do
I'm a fast talkin' conman blowin' your mind
Breakin' you and your cousin at the same time
With a dirty rap comin' out my mouth
And you know damn well what I'm talkin' about
I'm the Too $hort, baby, way too cold
So motherfuck you, bitch, goddamn asshole
The dope fiend beat
For all you junkies to just ride
H-E-A-D, I need a doctor just for me
To suck my dick like a vet
To give me head until I sweat
She gotta suck dick
So I can tell all my homies just what she did
She sucked and sucked and she's a bitch to the beat
I'm Too $hort, I said my name is Too $hort and it don't stop
I love you bitches for the blow jobs
I just laugh over and over
When the bitch drinks sperm like it's soda
I straight start aimin', would I miss?
Get back bitch, I wouldn't never kiss
I say she looks so good and she's so big
But, man oh man, that bitch can wimp
If I want to I could rock her
But I can't fuck no-head doctor
Bitches don't know that's Too $hort's tip
You might get G'd if you don't suck dick
But I'm so fresh, I'm so down
I tell you bitches the other way around
If you do me first then I do you
So the game jumps up when the bitch is true
Soon as I come all in her mouth
I smooth get dressed and roll out