Sunday, June 13, 2021

Racine stabbings, life in prison for man charged in 2019

From Fox6Now:

Lapiate Boone

Lapiate Boone, 41, of Racine has been sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for a fatal 2019 stabbing.

Boone pleaded no contest to first-degree intentional homicide and battery to injunction. Charges of attempted first-degree intentional homicide and mayhem were dismissed but read in.

The May 2019 stabbing left 35-year-old Gene Smith dead and 36-year-old Joy Reid critically wounded.

According to a criminal complaint, police were dispatched to a hospital to speak with Reid about the stabbing. Reid said Boone was the person who injured her.

The criminal complaint state Boone and Reid were at the home on Bay Drive when, at some point, Boone asked Reid for her keys to the house. She refused, and when she attempted to leave, Boone grabbed her cellphone. Moments later, when Reid was trying to grab the cellphone back from Boone, the complaint states Boone grabbed a knife and "with one motion he swung his right arm and hand backward striking her in the upper right thigh."

Reid told police she looked down and saw blood and wanted to go to the hospital, but Boone apparently "tried to persuade her not to go to the hospital." She believes he knew that if she got medical attention he would get in trouble. Eventually, Reid got her phone back and left to get treatment at the hospital.

The complaint indicates after Reid was released from the hospital, she and Smith returned to the home on Bay Drive. Boone apparently returned to the house during this time. The complaint states Boone "was still angry when he returned and began striking (Reid) with a large pipe in the living room. (Smith) tried to get between them but Boone was hitting (Smith) too." A short time later, the complaint Boone grabbed a knife and stabbed both victims.

Smith died from his injuries. Reid was found in the backyard of the home by first responders.

The criminal complaint also details Reid had filed for a restraining order against Boone.


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