Saturday, July 10, 2021

Homosexual Song: “We’re Coming for Your Children” (We are Defeated – But There Shall be No Surrender)

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I said before the 2020 election that if Donald Trump lost, the jig would be up, and Christians would have no choice but to simply escape the BEAST system and try to survive.

I haven’t really totally explicated that in a proper series of articles, as I’m not sure that people are really ready to hear it. But I do believe this to be an absolute fact: we lost.

The only thing anyone can do now is run and try to survive.

I have not seen anything more evident of the fact that we are conquered and defeated that this video of the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus singing “we are coming for your children.”

Just click it. Watch the first 30 seconds or so.

This is an army of homosexual men saying “we are going to come and fuck the assholes of your little boys.”

That means we lost.

I started this website in 2013, eight years ago, when there was still a tiny chance that we were going to be able to turn things around. There is no longer any chance of that. We are completely defeated. We are living under total occupation, with the occupying forces having total power.

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