Thursday, August 26, 2021

Kenosha police dog helps sniff out child pornography, electronics


Iris has already helped catch criminals after a few months on the job

The Kenosha Police Department has a dog detective who sniffs out hidden electronics and child pornography to help bring child predators to justice.

Kenosha police said Iris is already helping catch criminals after just a few months on the job.

Iris is one of three dogs with her child porn sniffing training in Wisconsin. It's estimated there are likely only a few dozen like her in the world trained and donated by Operation Underground Railroad.

Detective Pete Deates, Iris' partner, said she brightens a dark world.

"Everybody is happy to see her every day, and she puts a smile on everybody's face," he said.

Deates said in her first few months at the department, Iris has already helped find evidence in a half dozen child sex offender cases, landing the accused in the Kenosha County Jail.

For example, a criminal complaint says 51-year-old Shannon Litz recorded videos of a naked girl and sexually assaulted her earlier this year.

Iris and other electronic storage detection or ESD, dogs use their hypersensitive noses to find thumb drives, cellphones and other hidden gadgets.

"The more we can stop that the more children are going to be exploited," Deates said.

Iris not only protects children. she's also on social media. You can find her on Instagram at _k9iris.


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