Saturday, September 13, 2008


I just saw the musical Working last night put on by the DaVinci Players in Tucson. Based on the book by Studs Terkel and with music by Stephen Schwartz (Godspell, Pippin and Wicked), Working does not have a traditional story. It is a series of short monologues/scenes and songs about people's attitudes toward work.

First, the production was very good. Very strong cast. It was the first time I had been to this theater and the show worked well in the intimate setting (withsome of the most comfortable seats I have found in a theater!)

The characters and songs in the show include a teacher, assembly line workers, a money manager, a young entrepeneur, a firefighter, a mason, a housewife, a mill worker, and even a retiree. Some are very defined by their jobs, some love what they are doing and some are passing time until retirement. These well constructed vingettes capture little pieces of truth about life that can make you laugh, cry and think.

And the topic made for a great conversation starter since most people work (oh, did I mention they had a free opening night barbque afterwards? Kudos to this theater for a great event!)

I have been fortunate to have a good series of jobs that I enjoy. Getting rich, not quite. Having a ball working and some nice fringe benefits like lots of travel, you bet. My job is a combination of two things I really value and enjoy: learning and teaching. It also leaves enough time free at night for me to pursue other interests such as running and theater (I perform as well as attend). It's not one likes writing NSF reports! But overall, there's a lot more good to say about it than bad.

So, what's your job? A passion or a way to make a living? Part of your identidy or just something you do to make money?

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kkdither said...

A passion or a way to make a living? Part of your identidy or just something you do to make money?

All of the above. Depends on who is harassing me and what day it is.