Friday, July 20, 2018

Four for Fridays!

Good morning everyone I hope you enjoyed the week. I just can't believe it is Friday already it feels like I had just done Four for Fridays. When Drew gets off of work today we have to go up to Oshkosh to pick up the Grandkids. Yes they are going to be down here for a week and that means no naps for Grandpa. Here are your questions.

1) When was the last time you ever had to babysit?

2) Do you like to spend time with kids?

3) Would you call spending time with your Grandkids babysitting or having fun with them?

4) Do you buy the kids things to get them to like you or just spend time and talk with them and do things that they like?

Have a great weekend!

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Enjoy yourself.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Hellcat KILLER! | 1953 Belair Sleeper

CT Dallas did not disappoint with the old school muscle this year! Not 
only did this 1953 Belair THROW DOWN, but it does so in sleeper 
status. Besides the intercooler out front, the old green color with 
the patina on top along with the old smoothie wheels, this car is very 
unsuspecting. It was a blast to watch this thing not only take down 
TWO Hellcats, but an R35 GTR as well! The cherry on top to this video 
was a race between the Belair and an old Hemi Cuda that just happened 
to be one of the closest races we have filmed! Cannot wait to see this 
car later this year!

10 Ways The Media Manipulates You

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The last words of a man who was about to die in the electric chair: "Beam me up."

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello my reasons for living!  How are you?  Isn't the weather grand?  I wish the rest of the summer would be like this.  Alas, I'm sure we'll see more hot and humid days.  My electric bill jumped $20 because of my a/c use.  I was expecting worse.

We've gone from near flood conditions to drought-like conditions.  This is so typical of  a Wisconsin spring-summer.  Junior and Señor Zanza are constantly moving the hose and sprinkler to keep things moist.  My tomato plants look spindly.  Maybe I'll invest in an underground sprinkler system.  That would save my boys so much trouble.  And then my grass wouldn't turn brown in August.  I don't know, who has money for stuff like this?

Surprisingly, Mr. Trump has turned out to be a friend to North Korea and Russia.  Maybe because they govern the way he would like to.  Mr. Trump seems especially enamored of Putin, the Russian bear.  There is a stink brewing over the "Helsinki humiliation."  Mr. Trump lies and lies, changing his words like wind-blown leaves.  It's impossible to determine the truth anymore.  That's the way Mr. Trump wants it.

On the local front, we're making resolutions and signing letters of intent, reporting violations to Mr. OrbsCorbs.  We're very busy, yet we accomplish absolutely nothing.  Mr. Mayor Cory Mason likes this kind of busy work.  It makes everyone appear to be productive, whether they are or not.  At the Journal Times, such nonsense wins awards.  It is what's wrong with America.

What's right with America:

No, I'm not really that hardcore about our country.  I am very glad to be able to live in the greatest country on Earth.  We have a ton of problems, but we are free and powerful.  God bless America.

And, God please keep America from mesing in other countries' poltics.

And, God thank You for the wonderful readers and other regulars that this blog has.  I love them all.

It's supposed to get hot again, so take it easy.  Stay hydrated and out of the sun's way.  Whether driving or playing, keep an eye out for the little ones.  They don't know any better.

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If you don't like PayPal, send me a note at and I'll send you my street address so you can send a check or money order.  Thank you.

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Wow what?

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

пошёл на хуй

From The Shepherd Express:

Jul. 17, 2018
4:24 p.m.

I’m Art Kumbalek and man oh man manischewitz what a world, ain’a? So listen, considering the recent Helstinki scummit between the two dear world leaders, I’m thinking it’s past time to start learning the Russian language since it’s got to be only a matter of time until U.S. citizens are required to speak the Slavic tongue. Hey, maybe learning Russian would be the thing to do to fill the hours of your waning summertime besides stirring up another Tom Collins and cranking the AC, what the fock.
I’ve already started, as you can see by the headline to this here quasi-essay. As close as I can figure, it’s the Russian for “fock off” and/or “go fock yourself”—which would’ve been the first words out of my mouth had I been in the audience at the post-summit press conference, I kid you not.
Anyways, it’s been too pissing hot this summer to groan and moan even for a guy like me, a guy who practically, but not quite, makes a living at it. But you got to stay positive, so I hear. After all, we still do live in the greatest city in the upper Midwest—even if it feels like it got relocated to Missis-focking-sippi. So instead of a regular essay, I thought I’d trot out a list I provide for the readers once in a while of “don’ts” to help ensure that the remaining days of your summertime are safe and maybe even tolerable, what the fock, and you’re welcome.
Not Quite a Hundred Things Not To Do the Rest of Summertime
Do Not:
Eat your shorts.
Eat my shorts.
Have a buddy putting all the cocktails on his tab and at some point during the evening before bar time you say, “No thanks, I’ve had enough.”
Watch any movie with a “Dame” so-and-so somebody in it unless you got the insomnia bad.
Get stinking drunk in a boat out on the water and I’ll tell you why. I knew these three guys years ago who went out fishing along with a couple, three cases of ice-cold bottled beer. So they’re out there all goddamn day catching nothing but one hell of a buzz under the hot sun. At one point, one of the tipsy trio stands up to take a leak, loses his balance and flips head-over-heels right over the side of the boat into the water and starts to sink.
The other two bozos are so blasted that they don’t even notice their buddy has jumped ship until maybe a half-hour later. No sooner do they realize that they’re no longer three-men-in-a-tub but two, do they then dive into the water and frantically grope around for the missing mariner. Eventually, one of the loopy lifeguards grabs ahold of his overboard buddy down deep, hauls him into the boat and commences with the mouth-to-mouth.
“Jesus H. Christ!” he says, recoiling in revulsion. “I don’t remember Corky’s breath stinking to the high heaven like this, do you?” And the other guy says, “Fock no. And not only that, I don’t remember him wearing that snowmobile suit, either!” Ba-ding!
Tell your girlfriend you can’t take her kids to the church festival ’cause you got a hot date with her sister.
Forget to tip.
Make an appointment for a routine medical checkup. It’s a no-win situation. If you’re feeling OK and you go to the doctor’s and he says you’re OK, what have you gained? Not a focking thing, but you certainly have lost time and money. Now, if you go and the doc says, “Uh-oh, we got a problem here,” well, now not only do you have a problem but you’re bound to be depressed about it, and who in their right mind needs that kind of combo? You tell me.
Walk into a biker bar and shout, “Hey, which one of you candy asses used to own the wuss Electra Glide out front I just backed into with my Chevy Volt?”
Order a salad instead of a steak.
Find a pair of bum’s underwear on the street and wear them before laundering.
Forget about performing at least one good deed daily.
Get sick without health insurance.
Vote Republican.
Just stand there.
Look back.
Hold the curtain, here’s one nice DO for you’s:
Go to the Festa Italiana down there by the Summerfest this weekend. (Or as some wags would describe it, not unlike the way I have many, many times, the “Let’s See How Many Over-the-Hill Guys Named Johnny We Can Get to Sing ‘New York, New York’ Fest.”) They’ll have everything molto bene you could possibly want down there. History? Fashion? You want fashion history? Hey, if you ever wondered where the leisure suit went after it died, you come to Festa, so forget about it ’cause I’m Art Kumbalek and I told you so.


Dear City of Racine Alderpsersons, 
Just provided for your information - as Mayor Cory Mason has been a 
force, and instrumental in forcing the Foxconn project forward and 
expects to reap a whirlwind. 
DOJ Validates Concerns Regarding Mt. Pleasant Open Meetings and Free 
Speech Violations: a must READ - 
“The DOJ guidance made it very clear it is unlikely the actions of Mt. 
Pleasant would be upheld in a court of law or by the Attorney General, 
but village officials were cautioned against restricting public 
comment about agenda items during a publicly noticed comment period,” 
Gallaher continued. “We expect a formal apology to the residents who 
had the right to speak and were denied. We also expect change.” 
“Mt. Pleasant has an embarrassing history of violating state policies 
on meeting notifications, failing to approve and publish minutes of 
official actions, and operating with little to no accountability. This 
behavior must end. We are absolutely willing to take this village to 
court in order to bring about real institutional change.” Gallaher 
concludes, “it’s their choice, they can continue to be an embarrassing 
example of how local government should not work or they can learn to 
be better.” 
Here is a publicity piece from Wiseye.Org to showcase the Foxconn 
project. While the producer does an okay job on challenging some 
points, he doesn’t go nearly far enough to fact check Jonathan and he 
just lets other falsehoods slide. 
And now Cory Mason & CO. is going to demolish those mega-million 
$$$$$$ buildings at Machinery Row?!!! 
General Incompetence is in charge - along with Graft, Corruption, Lies 
& Collusion. 
Tim & Cindy 

Racine County Executive Jonathan Delagrave is Called Out by MTP Residents for Potential Malfeasance and Lies

Questions For the County Executive

Dear County Board, 
Residents of Mount Pleasant have some very serious concerns regarding 
actions taken by County Executive Jonathan Delagrave  - and the claims 
he has made/actions he has taken. He does not appear to want to 
address those claims - taking the position that everyone is in 
agreement and that all actions taken so far have been lawful and 
Further - Politicians such as Racine County Executive Jonathan 
Delagrave (and others) continue to push the boundaries of what are the 
ACTUAL conditions to which Foxconn is required to act to comply within 
the scope of their negotiated agreement. 
The lies and deception from the County Government need to STOP. 
Concerns of MTP Residents need to be properly and legally addressed. 
Racine County appears to be absent the rule of law and acting beyond 
the scope of their authority/duties - and it appears that Governor 
Scott Walker and Representative Robin  give those actions the color of 
being legal by glossing over abuses of process/law taken by local 
officials. This practice needs to end. 
Read for yourself the grievances of MTP Residents and the inflated 
claims of Public Officials at: 
Tim & CIndy 

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Shine on!

Monday, July 16, 2018

DOJ Validates Concerns Regarding Mt. Pleasant Open Meetings and Free Speech Violations

Press Release: DOJ Validates Concerns Regarding Mt. Pleasant Open Meetings and Free Speech Violations


“ Community group files complaint for censoring residents living in Foxconn area at two public meetings.”

MT. PLEASANT, WI JULY 16, 2018 – During a publicly noticed meeting of the Mt. Pleasant Community Development Authority (CDA) on April 17, 2018, village residents were prevented from speaking during public comment about the redevelopment plan for Foxconn, the only item on the agenda and one which affects the land and homes where these same residents live.

When the public comment period began, CDA Chairman Rob Richardson announced that no public comments would be heard regarding items listed on the meeting agenda. Richardson asked each of the dozen or more residents who had signed up to speak (by filling out forms provided by the village which said they could speak on “any item”) if they had something to say about a subject NOT on the agenda.

Read more:


A Better Mt. Pleasant 
No one knows these issues better than Kim Mahoney. 
Kim Mahoney - July 13 at 1:18 PM · 
Here is a publicity piece from Wiseye.Org to showcase the Foxconn 
project. While the producer does an okay job on challenging some 
points, he doesn't go nearly far enough to fact check Jonathan and he 
just lets other falsehoods slide. 
First - we now know that Mount Pleasant was a "serious contender" to 
get the Foxconn development as early as February 2017. In the 
meantime, they allowed people to put up pools and big pole barns. 
Never once did they solicit input from Mount Pleasant residents to 
find out if they would want to foot the bill or give up land for this 
massive project. They made the decision for us. 
Second - Jonathan says the scope of the project was initially 500 
acres, but has more than doubled. Doubled? The three project areas 
take up 2,900 acres and that doesn't even include the North Area. They 
have acquired most of the land already but have no set plans for Areas 
II and III. Many of those people could have remained in their homes 
for the next 5-10 years. 
Third - he says Racine County residents are "almost universally 
positive" about the project. Really? He must not be talking to the 
same people I am talking to. People are pissed about being forced out 
of their homes, they are worried about the amount of money we have 
promised to give Foxconn, they are doubtful the 13,00 jobs will 
materialize, they are concerned about the air pollution, water 
pollution, storm water runoff and Lake Michigan diversion. Jonathan - 
you are obviously not in touch with Racine County residents or you are 
Fourth - the water diversion is violating the Great Lakes Compact 
because the water being diverted will be used for manufacturing, not 
primarily residential. You are setting a terrible precedent. 
Fifth - what is causing the air pollution/excess ozone emissions is 
irrelevant and to bring it up is ridiculous. You completely ignore the 
fact that the pollution already exists and it is harmful to our 
health. Now you are adding another major contributor that will exceed 
the maximum allowable limits for certain air pollution emissions. This 
goes to show you care nothing about the health of Racine County 
residents, especially those susceptible to breathing problems. 
Sixth - you keep talking about the jobs - the up to 13,000 "middle 
class high paying" jobs. The average job is promised to be $54,000. 
Can you support your family on $54,000? Nobody in Wisconsin can 
support a family for that income. And most of the workers will only be 
making $30,000, not $54,000. And, they do not anticipate achieving 
that number until the year 2040 - 22 years from now. You make it seem 
as if those jobs will magically appear as soon as Foxconn opens its 
doors in 2020. 
Seventh and last - I appreciate you saying that you do not believe 
eminent domain should be used to acquire property that will be given 
to Foxconn but you continue to spout the falsehood that 95% of the 
property acquisitions thus far have been "voluntary." Each and every 
homeowner was threatened with eminent domain. If they refuse to sell, 
the Village will take their property under eminent domain. When 
someone literally has no choice, it is the opposite of the definition 
of "voluntary."

Dick Cavett with Jimmy Hoffa October 31, 1973

1970 AMC Gremlin Dealer Promo Film

Doctors: Removal of Dildo from Sean Hannity's Ass will Require Surgery

Conservative talk show host Sean Hannity was rushed to the emergency room early Sunday morning with a dildo firmly entrenched in his anus.  Attempts to remove the ten-inch long device using local anesthetics were unsuccessful.  That's when doctors decided that surgery was the only way to go.  Mr. Hannity was not happy with the news and reportedly callled medical personnel "libtards."  They in turn reminded Mr. Hannity that they didn't have to accept him as a patient.  He could seek redress elsewhere.  That shut Mr. Hannity up. We'll let you know the results of that surgery as soon as we hear anything.  God bless Sean Hannity.

Happy Birthday OrbsCorbs

Have a great day!  Don't "read" too much.

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