Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wildflowers Pt 10!

I just can't believe that the fall is coming already and all the wildflowers will be gone soon. I don't know if it is me or not it just seems that the Summer has gone by quick. I am still going out there and looking for some wildflowers that I may have missed or some new wildflowers that I have never seen before. I do have a couple of new ones for everyone this week. Here are some pictures I would like to share with everyone:

This is a Yellow Crown Imperial the picture was taken on the corner by Colonial Park in Racine Wi. I took this picture back in May and just found out what it was with the help of friends on Flickr'. They do come in different colors too. Below will be a Orange Crown Imperial.

                    I just thought they are so different and I too a picture of them to share with you.

This is a Hollow Joe-Pye Weed with a Monarch Butterfly this picture was taken at Chiwaukee Prairie in Pleasant Prairie Wi.

           This is a Cardinal Flower the picture was taken at Chiwaukee Prairie in Pleasant Prairie Wi.

              This is a March Violet the picture was taken at Grant Park in South Milwaukee Wi.

   This is a Wood Rose the picture was taken at Richard Bong State Recreational Area in Brighton Wi.

This is a Yellow Columbine the picture was taken at Richard Bong State Recreational Area in Brighton Wi.

                This is a Cornflower the picture was taken at Whitewater College in Whitewater Wi

              This is a Wood Poppy the picture was taken at Whitewater College in Whitewater Wi.

This is a Milk Thistle the picture was taken at Richard Bong State Recreational Area in Brighton Wi.

I hope everyone enjoys the pictures as much as I enjoy going out and taken the pictures. Like I said there are some new wildflowers this week. The first two pictures I could not believe it took me that long to figure out. Enjoy the rest of the week everyone!

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my fabulous friends!  How are you?

I'm pretty crabby and don't want to start any fights.

Because of this, I'm not blogging today.

Well, accurately, I'm blogging about not blogging.

Have a beautiful day filled with My Little Ponies and Smurfs. 

I love you all!


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Have we done 'Big Wednesday' before?

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

"Women: Know Your Limits!"

Off with her head!

Bedtime Games

Bedtime Games
Installment 157

Make your best guess and.... GO TO BED!
Answer revealed tomorrow.
In the still of the night
I held you, held you tight
'Cause I love, love you so
Promise I'll never let you go
In the still of the night

I remember that night in May
The stars were bright above
I'll hope and I'll pray
To keep your precious love...

Fred Parris, The Five Satins

View the video here:

Have fun, play fair.  As always, winners must use a registered user name or type in an identifying name to claim the bragging rights.  Anon comments will not be admissible.

Caption Contest

Bedtime Games Wannabe Winners

Add your own caption in the comments.

Referendum of RUSD

They talk about the money they need. They had money for building maintenance and repair that they spent on other things. So again they are asking for more. BUT, they don't give any guarantee that the money will be spent on what the say!

“After listening to the community, the Racine Unified School District Board of Education decided that holding the line on taxes and an investment in our community and our kids is the right way to go. Tonight, the Board voted unanimously to place a referendum on the November 4 ballot, asking voters to approve a set amount of money for a specific time period – $8.5 million each year for 15 years – with no tax increase. This will address significant education, technology and building needs facing our District and is a much-needed investment in our kids and our schools.

The money will be used to address ongoing school building maintenance problems like roofs and heating systems that have long been deferred because of a lack of funds.

  Source Racine Unified School District

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Run for the hills!

Monday, August 25, 2014

My Ice Bucket Challenge

Enough said?

"FAMILY REUNION" (get-together)

Come on guys, we miss each other, time to catch up!
ok, it's "family reunion" time, 
yes, we're an eclectic group, with vast differences, 
just like any family. 
This irregular family is in big need of a reunion!

Saturday, Sept. 6th
1:30pm, rain or shine

DESTINATION will be emailed to you. 
I can tell you that food will be available, 
drinks will be available
it is outdoors, but has a covered area so rain isn't an issue.
Nice area, nice scenery, one of my favorite places!

 Please shoot me an email 
(this email link is to a different address than I've used before, I'm having trouble with getting them thru that on)

Feel free to bring out somebody and introduce them to the family!
We'll try to behave hehehe!  

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Head for the hills!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

"July Property Report"

"According to the Wisconsin IPAS system, 184 documents were recorded during June of 2014 for the City of Racine. There were 20 foreclosures, while most homes sold for tens of thousands less than the assessed value. So far in 2014 there have been 209 foreclosures in the City of Racine during the first  212 days of 2014."


Saturday, August 23, 2014

"August 24th-Racine’s Peacefest to be held at Quarry Lake Park"

Originally published on 7/24/14 at 4:31 PM:

From RacineUncovered:

"Due to the overwhelming support from the community, we have moved Racine’s Peacefest to the Quarry Lake Park located at 3800 Northwestern Ave. It will still be on Sunday August 24th from noon-4 p.m. We feel this will be a great location allowing everyone to participate without an admission fee to the festival and will help bring the entire community together for a day of fun, friendship and also raise funds for the RAPD COP Unit."

Read more:



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There's not too many left before it starts to get frigid.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Too late. . .

I suddenly had an inspiration for the name of one of the cubs at the zoo: Lion John.

Mozilla FireFox vs IE

I normally use Firefox for my browser.  Today, I thought I would try the IE to see if I could get rid of an error message concerning Microsoft Essentials. 

Immediately, there is a flash on my screen, telling me to contact support at 844...blah, blah, blah.  forget you, buddy.  This is a sales gimmick and I know it.  I'm so sure of it.  I log off of IE, go in with problem. 

Now my real problem is I keep getting this stupid error message whenever I totally shut  my machine off and then start it up at a later time.  It concerns this MSI update for Miscrosoft Essentials.  I have to tell it six or seven times not to make any changes...(it can't find Miscrosoft Essentials...I have it, but it can't seem to find it).  I have tried searching for a solution as to how to get rid of this dumb update that obviously I don't need.  Nothing. 

If I go into Microsoft Essentials, it tells me to use IE...I feel like a hamster on a wheel!


Four for Fridays

Hello everyone and welcome back! This has been a crazy week... Busy, busy at work plus the humid weather. I'm looking forward to the weekend. Anyways, your questions...

1) Which TV shows do you watch reruns of?

2) What musician do you consider an icon?

3) Would you be willing to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge?

4) Are you ready for the football season?

Enjoy your weekend!

How to Post Your First Blog

Thank you to the sheriff for bumping this to the top.  
Remember, Irregulars, a challenge is just that; it is not a requirement. The reason behind this is friendly. We want you to be comfortable here. We want you to participate. We want to share in the things you find interesting. We want you to have fun!  Blog away, dear friends....

Last week, we mentioned a BLOG CHALLENGE, and some of you began stressing immediately. There is no need to stress....  Posting a blog is easy-peasy. If you've mastered how to comment, you can post.

1.  Look at the top right of your page while on JTI. You will see the words NEW POST.   Click there.  A new page will open. You will see 2 tabs. One says COMPOSE, the other says HTML  Click  COMPOSE. You must be using a desktop or laptop. Now, you can type what ever you want in the large box. It is just like typing in Word, or like typing a comment to a blog.

2. If you'd rather just post a picture, you can click on the little image icon next to the word  LINK in the toolbar. Notice if you hold your mouse still over any of the icons, it tells you what they are.

Inserting a picture is pretty straight forward. Click choose file, and it will let you find and select your image from your computer. Once your picture is inserted,  you can just pick up and move the picture around where you want it, or if you click the picture, you get additional choices of how to place it. It is easy.... I guarantee it.

3. Now notice there is a long empty rectangle above the window where you typed your blog. That is for the title of your blog. Type it in.

4. Back up to the top toolbar.... you will see a button that says PREVIEW.  Click that button, and it will open a new window (tab) and you will see what your blog looks like on the screen to viewers. Don't be alarmed, nothing posted yet, and you didn't lose what you typed. You can close the new tab  and continue to write more or make changes to your blog.

5. When you are happy with what you've done. Click the PUBLISH button and you are a new blog author. Congratulations!

You can do this!  This is easy. We don't really care what you publish your first time around. Jump in. Post. It is addicting!  You will love it. If you goof big deal. We, as admins, can clean it up, or delete it for you. You have nothing to lose.

Watch for more blogs on how to master your blog author skills with additional tips and tricks using the Blogger Editor. More blogs will follow, including how to post from a tablet or your Smartphone if you don't have a desktop or laptop. Personally, I still don't like attempting that.... Blogger needs to make that easier.

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

"Racine tavern owners re-file discrimination suit"

From JSOnline:

By Bruce Vielmetti of the Journal Sentinel