Wednesday, March 21, 2018

"The Useless Rock Worth Dying Over"

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, boys and girls, moms and dads!  How are you?  I'm doing OK, I guess.  The doctor saw me recently and pointed out a few problems.  So I pointed out problems of his.  Boy, is he ever touchy.  I'm sorry, but that doesn't exclude you from physical ailments.

I see that the Foxconn enterprise is keeping to its schedule, whatever the hell that is.  Let me say it now and say it loud: I haven't the faintest idea where the development is.  And I don't care that I don't care.  Foxconn coverage is like an addictive drug.  It can swallow up your life.  I choose not to choose.  I want nothing to do with this mess.  I know there's a thousand ways to get rich off of it, but there's another thousand ways to lose your ass.  Too, too many ideas in the air.

I keep getting the feeling that the technology behind Foxconn's expansion will be obsolete before the factory is complete.  As a certified fortune teller,, it pays to pay attention to my "feelings." I would get involved in the hunt for terrorists in the USA, but the feelings are so strong that they obliterate sense.  As for Foxconn, only time will tell.

The headline blares, "Racine police chief given contract extension."  Hip-hip-hooray.  Thank you, Chief Art Howell, for your service to the community.  We love you.

The same paper carried this headline:District attorney not filing charges in Shannon shooting.
Will this mean protests and other civil disobedience?  Again, only time will tell. Raising hell has always been easier than raising your children.

My favorite post for this week is "Vaping California Reaper,"  Have a look and you'll se what I mean.  I can't believe the amount of smoke that gets away.  If he would hold his hits, he would need a lot less material to burn. So, is this man brave or foolish?  I think he's just a burnout who no longer cares what he subjects himself to.

Spring is here!  It was a mild winter.  Junior says the pickings were mighty slim at local toboggan slides.  And with only one, small ice rink downtown, where's a guy supposed to meet the girls?  I keep telling him that things will work out, but that's little solace right now.  Someday Junior wil have the power of a god.  God save us all.

SeƱor Zanza is busy with his seedlings for the season to come.  He starts them out at home to give them a head start.  He has grown some beautiful vegetables.  Very tasty, especially compared with "store bought" vegetables.  I always look forward to the big meal he makes when most of his crop is harvested.  He once grew a watermelon the size of a tomato.  He says it was on purpose, but I have my doubts.

Thank you one and all for reading my blog today.  I love my audience and I love you.

Get out and enjoy spring.  I'm afraid this is the only decent time we will have.  Summer will be blazing hot and I'll live in the air conditioning.
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"District attorney not filing charges in Shannon shooting"

RACINE — Racine County District Attorney Tricia Hanson announced Tuesday that her office will not press charges against two Racine Police Department officers involved in the shooting death of Donte Shannon.
Shannon, 26, of Racine, was killed by police on Jan. 17 after fleeing during a traffic stop and brandishing a gun, according to an investigation by the Wisconsin Department of Justice.
Hanson informed friends and family of Shannon of her decision during a Tuesday night meeting. Afterward, she announced her decision to the public via a news release.
“After an extensive investigation and an exhaustive review of the evidence,” Hanson stated in a press release, “Investigator Chad Stillman and Officer Peter Boeck are immune from criminal liability in this case, as Mr. Shannon’s death was a direct result of his deadly threat to the officers.”

Read more:

"Sudan, the Last Male Northern White Rhino, Dies in Kenya"

Ididn't know white rhinos were threatened with extinction.  How many other speies have we wiped out?

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The nowhere, nothing day.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

"News of the Weird: Mar. 22, 2018"

From The Shepherd Express:

March 20, 2018
12:52 PM

Time in a Bottle
Environmentalists decry all the debris washing up on beaches around the world, but a discovery in January near Perth, Australia, has historians thrilled. The Washington Post reported that Tonya Illman and a friend were walking along the beach when she spotted “a lovely old bottle.” Inside was a damp note, tied with string. “We took it home and dried it out; it was a printed form, in German, with very faint German handwriting on it,” she said. Experts at the Western Australia Museum have determined the note was 132 years old—24 years older than the previous record for a message-in-a-bottle discovery. The note was dated June 12, 1886, from a ship named Paula. Further study revealed that a German Naval Observatory program was analyzing global ocean currents in the area between 1864 and 1933, and an entry in the Paula’s captain’s journal made note of this very bottle being tossed overboard. Thousands of other bottles were released into the sea as part of the program, of which only 662 have been found. Prior to Illman’s find, the previous such bottle was found in January 1934.
Otterly Horrific!
Kayaker Sue Spector, 77, was out for a leisurely paddle on the Braden River in Florida with her husband and friends on March 4 when someone remarked, “Oh look, there’s an otter!” No sooner had the words been spoken than the aquatic mammal jumped onto Spector in her kayak and began clawing and scratching her arms, nose and ears. “He wouldn’t let go, and I kept screaming. I kept beating him with a paddle,” Spector told FOX13 News. She later required stitches, antibiotics and rabies treatment. It was the second otter attack in two days, and Florida Fish and Wildlife has now posted signs about an “aggressive otter” near the area.
Aged to Perfection?
The Carelse family of Lakewood, Colo., picked up some groceries at the Walmart in Littleton on March 5, including a box of Quaker 100% Natural Granola with oats, honey and raisins. When they sat down for breakfast the next morning, they told KMGH TV, Anthea Carelse noticed that the “best by” date on the box was Feb. 22…1997—more than 21 years ago. Her husband, Josiah, ate his full bowl and didn’t suffer any unpleasant consequences, but Anthea stopped after two bites. They planned to return the box to Walmart.
One Big, Honking Proposal
Saturday, March 3, was a big day in Key West, Fla., as competitors sounded off in the 56th Annual Conch Shell Blowing Contest. For 70-year-old Mary Lou Smith of Panama City Beach, winning the women’s division was topped only by a marriage proposal (which she accepted with a hearty honk from her shell) from fellow competitor Rick Race, 73, also of Panama City Beach. The Guardian reports that the large shells were used in the 19th century by seafarers as signaling devices, and dozens of entrants show off their skills each year at Key West’s Oldest House Museum.
The Old Squeeze Play
On Monday, March 12, in Northumberland, England, a car thief making a getaway in a Mini Cooper S discovered the small car was not quite small enough to navigate a narrow stone staircase in Carlisle Park. Local police were called to the park around 11:30 p.m. where they found the car and its unnamed 31-year-old driver both wedged tightly between the staircase walls. Area residents speculated in Metro News that the driver might have been trying to re-enact a scene from The Italian Job—a 1969 movie with just such a scene. “I’m sure the older Minis would have got down no problem,” said Chris Stoker.
Wait, What?
An unnamed Russian woman stunned tourists and onlookers on Saturday, March 10, when she walked into the Red Sea and, with the help of a doctor and her partner, gave birth. From the balcony of her uncle’s apartment in Dahab, Egypt, Hadia Hosny El Said photographed the events as the doctor carried the newborn and its father walked alongside with the still-attached placenta in a plastic bowl. After a few minutes, the mother emerged from the sea to join her family, including a toddler, on the beach. El Said told The Daily Mail the doctor is Russian and specializes in water births.

"Thanks for Taking My Call"

From The Shepherd Express:

I’m Art Kumbalek and man oh manischewitz what a world, ain’a? So how’s my college tournament basketball bracket doing? Thanks for asking. I’ll tell you’s, I could’ve chosen Trump University to go up against the Electoral College in the national championship game and my goddamn bracket would be none worse for wear than it is right now, what the fock.
Anyways, from where I’m sitting here and now good lord, I’m looking at the first day of spring. Focking swell. All it means to me is one step closer to summer’s hot and humid, sticky suck-ass insected weather that makes me feel like I’m living in some Fourth World sweatshop of a country instead of being an upper-Midwestern American. So spring, thanks for nothing.
Yes sir, March 20, one of only two days in the whole year when lightness and darkness slug it out to a standstill. A tie, a draw—what they call in the sportsworld “kissing your sister.” And in the olden, olden days when there were even more weird-ass religions afoot than there are today, this day was marked as one of a handful of rites those people had during the year where they’d take the day off to celebrate by slaughtering a barnyard animal or three as some kind of nutty sacrificial offering to the deities du jour.
Now, I’m no religious expert but I’m telling you, just imagine if those wacky ancestors were on to something, that maybe they knew something we don’t know or have forgotten—that hacking up a perfectly good goat or cow on the first day of spring actually did buy you a couple extra days of sunshine during the year or relieve your toothache or provide some other kind of beneficial good.
Come to think of it, maybe my NCAA bracket would be more successful, perhaps even perfect, if before filling it out I had first sacrificed a couple, three goats over by Cathedral Square Park. After all, college basketball is like a religion to some, so what the fock. March madness, indeed.
And if you’re still hungover from St. Patty’s Day Week-and-a-focking-Half, here’s a little story that may make you feel better:
Six retired Irish guys were playing poker in O’Leary’s apartment when Paddy Murphy loses $500 on a single hand, clutches his chest and drops dead at the table. Showing respect for their fallen brother, the other five continue playing.
A bit of a while later, Michael O’Connor looks around at the surviving five and asks, “Oh, me boys. I believe we have a bit of a situation here. Paddy is dead and someone surely must tell Paddy’s poor wife. Who will it be then?” They draw straws. Brendan O’Gallagher picks the short one. They tell him to be discreet, be gentle, don’t make a bad situation any worse.
“Discreet? I’m the most discreet Irishman you’ll ever meet. Discretion is me middle name.” So Brendan O’Gallagher goes over to Murphy’s house and knocks on the door. Mrs. Murphy answers and asks what he wants. O’Gallagher declares: “Your husband just lost $500 and is afraid to come home.”
“Tell him to drop dead!” says Mrs. Murphy. And O’Gallagher says, “‘To drop dead.’ I’ll go tell him then, ma’am.” Ba-ding!
Hey, I almost forgot I was going to give up work for Lent, so speaking of Catholics let’s get out of here with this little story:
Imagine the shy young lads surprise when the Pope sat down in the seat next to him for the flight destined for New York City. Shortly after take-off, the Pope began a crossword puzzle. This is really swell, the young man thought. Im really good at crosswords and if the Pope gets stuck, perhaps hell ask me for assistance and Ill get a gold pass to heaven.
Shortly thereafter, the Pope turned to the young man and said, Excuse me my son, but I suddenly seem to be blocked on this crossword puzzle. Do you happen to know a four-letter word that ends in unt and that refers to a woman?” Only one such word leapt to the mind of the young man, a word he felt should not be uttered in the Pope’s presence. He thought a moment and with a bolt from the blue turned to the Pope and said, “I believe your holiness that it is the word aunt you seek—a-u-n-t. And the Pope said, “Oh my. Of course, my son. A-u-n-t. God bless you. I dont suppose you happen to have an eraser?
Ba-ding! ’cause I’m Art Kumbalek and I told you so.

"Bill could affect Foxconn hiring; local officials opposed"

RACINE COUNTY — Racine County Executive Jonathan Delagrave is trying to put the brakes on a state bill that he believes could hurt local hiring efforts, including on projects related to Foxconn Technology Group.

In an effort to delay a vote on Senate Bill 634, Delagrave sent a memo to the Wisconsin County Executives and Administrators last week urging them to oppose the bill.

The bill states it “pre-empts local governments from enacting or enforcing ordinances related to various employment matters.”

The Assembly passed the bill in February, 58-32, with no Democratic votes. The bill has been placed on the Senate calendar for a vote on Tuesday, March 20.

Local municipalities, under the proposed legislation, could not enact ordinances related to wages; employee hours and overtime, including scheduling of employee hours or shifts; employment benefits; or “an employer’s right to solicit information regarding the salary history of prospective employees.”

"Suspicious death reported at Riverside Inn"

From The Journal

"RACINE — The Racine Police Department is investigating a suspicious death that reportedly occurred at a local hotel on Friday.

"Police responded to the Riverside Inn, 3700 Northwestern Ave., for a report of an unresponsive male, according to Racine Police Sgt. Adam Malacara. Someone reportedly called 911, but then left the scene. The male victim was reportedly unable to be revived. 

"Due to the circumstances, the death was determined to be suspicious. As of Monday afternoon, police had no updates, Malacara said."

Maybe we could turn the Riverside Inn into a reality show.  Give a guy a camera and a sound man and follow around employees and guests.  I bet you it would be a hit, at least in the Racine market.

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Monday, March 19, 2018

"Self-driving Uber vehicle strikes and kills pedestrian"

Uber abruptly halted testing of its autonomous vehicles across North America on Monday, the company announced, after a woman was struck and killed by one of its self-driving cars in Tempe, Ariz., Sunday night.

The moratorium on testing includes San Francisco, Phoenix, Pittsburgh and Toronto, Uber said.

Vaping California Reaper

I "vaped" twice in my life and I think it took effect only the second time.  I vaped marijuana and didn't like the high.

Anyway, from my understanding, these guys aren't "vaporizing."  Vaporizing is taking the marijuana to the point that it's just about to burn, and then inhaling those fumes.  Smoking and snorting pepper is completely new to me.

In the firsst video, Hawkins takes his fingers and rubs them across his lips, and then RUBS HIS EYE!  He's fucking nuts.  Soon he was complaining about the burn on his lips and in his eye.

I suspect there are few drugs this man hasn't tried.

"3-month-old boy found dead at a home on far northwest side of Milwaukee"

From JSOnline:

A 3-month-old child was found dead Saturday at a home in the 10300 block of W. Daphne St., according to a news release from the Milwaukee Police Department. 

The release said officers responded to the residence for a sudden death around 8:30 a.m. Saturday. 
 The 3-month-old boy was found dead. 

The cause of death will be determined by an autopsy, according to the release. 

The investigation is ongoing.

Just another mouth to feed.  Better off dead.  The baby will soon be replaced with another.  Very calloused remarks - but this has gone on too long; like a century too long.

"Maple syrup time"

CALEDONIA — It was perfect weather Sunday for the spring time tradition of the Sugarin’ Off pancake breakfast at the River Bend Nature Center, celebrating the maple sugar harvest.

Since the beginning of the month, volunteers have been tapping 70 maple trees on the nature center grounds to collect sap to make the syrup.

Read more:

Remember when Huck Finn would write about collecting maple syrup?  Those were the days . . .

"Officials investigating why 126,000 voters were purged from NY rolls"

Open Blog - Monday

When, then?

Sunday, March 18, 2018

"Detroit pub refused to serve Irish people at St. Patrick's Day Parade — to make a point"

From JSOnline:

DETROIT — The bouncer who called Irish people "lazy" and "lower-class citizens" last weekend at the door of a pub on the bustling parade route of Detroit's St. Patrick's Day Parade ignited more than a few tempers.

But he wasn't trying to spark a fight — just make people think.

It was all part of an experiment to raise awareness about how poorly Irish immigrants were once treated in the U.S. against the backdrop of prominent modern-day conversations about race and immigration.

Creator Dan Margulis had a production company record the scene at the fake, temporary pub and produce a polished video of people's stunned reactions. The video is posted on his website,

"On a day when everyone is proclaiming solidarity with an immigrant group ... we wanted them to feel what it was like to be treated like an Irish immigrant ... years ago in this country, and, hopefully, that would get them to think about the way we treat current immigrant groups," Margulis said.

Margulis, who works in advertising and lives in Bloomfield Hills, rented an empty space on Michigan Avenue on a strip between popular bars Nemo's and McShane's for the St. Patrick's Day Parade on Sunday. He hung a sign that said "No Irish Pub."

Saturday, March 17, 2018

"Let's Make a Better Mount Pleasant"

Let's Make a Better Mount Pleasant

First, there was the board censure of DeGroot in late summer. After trying to have Al Gardner removed by the Police Chief during a village meeting for replying to an insult DeGroot made to him during public comments, and refusing to allow me to speak at all until I submitted a written and oral apology to him first - two things he has no authority to do - trustees Hansen and Feest got tired of his abuse. DeGroot said he would have them removed too.
The recording made Milwaukee news. As the censure came down, Anna Marie Clausen was there to speak - saying she supported the president.
When a local delegation traveled to Japan last summer to see Foxconn facilities, DeGroot decided to travel along too. Instead of traveling coach on the international flight like everyone else, DeGroot upgraded his seats - at double the cost - paid for by village residents.
The complimentary champagne was not appreciated by his travel companions.
Then there is the website. Since last May, Dave DeGroot has penned a public website about me, trustees Feest, Hansen, and Otwaska which as sexually harassed, verbally abused and intimidated us. The website is registered privately, so I may never be able to prove he writes it, but he doesn’t really hide his identity at all.
It’s disgusting, creepy and the work of someone who really needs professional help.
What may be worse, Anna Marie Clausen encouraged people to read the website with a link on her campaign Facebook page for six months before she finally took it down - only after I started speaking out about it and using her name in connection to it.
Now, more than ever, we need to elect trustees who will ask questions, demand answers and become policy makers that will create a stronger local government. We need to do better than the Castlewood “breakfast club” of friends who are largely responsible for the mismanagement and lack of policies which has plagued Village Hall.

Let's Make a Better Mount Pleasant

Open Blog - Weekend

Please, if you drink, don't drive.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Four for Fridays!

I am so sorry I have not been posting Four for Fridays lately I have been getting really busy these days. We had to move my daughter back home from college thanks to her roommate not paying her part of the rent. Then we went up north one weekend and now this week my mom was taken to the hospital and we found out she has the viral flu. So now we have to make another trip up north to bring her some food so then we know that she will be eating. She has has this flu for about two weeks and she never said to anyone that she was not feeling good. It is like when one thing goes wrong everything is going wrong.

Here are your questions-

1) Are you Irish?

2) Are you going to any St. Patrick's Day Parade?

3) What are your plan's for St. Patrick's Day?

4) You do make the corned beef and cabbage?