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Marijuana arrests in Wisconsin hit black residents hardest

From The Journal Times.com:

MADISON — During Wisconsin's 2018 midterm election, which saw a record-breaking turnout, it was not the close gubernatorial race that motivated Milwaukee resident Marlon Rockett to cast an early ballot. It was the county's non-binding referendum on whether recreational use of marijuana should be legalized.
Racial equity is a top reason why Rockett favors legalization, which 70% of Milwaukee County voters also supported. Rockett, who co-hosts a podcast on issues affecting the black community, said laws against marijuana are a "tool that's used to help hold everyday Americans back." And the enforcement of these laws, Rockett said, is largely concentrated on African Americans.

Read more:  https://journaltimes.com/news/local/crime-and-courts/marijuana-arrests-in-wisconsin-hit-black-residents-hardest/article_dbe4ffbc-88c3-5196-a4ee-801287bbf00a.html#comments

'Racist Disgrace': Susan Rice Slams Chinese Diplomat Who Says Black Families Ruin White Neighborhoods

Former US Ambassador and Netflix board member Susan Rice called a senior Chinese diplomat a "racist disgrace" in a heated Twitter spat on Sunday.

In defending China's mass detention of Muslims via a series of now-deleted tweets, Islamabad-based diplomat Lijian Zhao first noted that "37 countries" have sent a joint letter to the UN supporting China's position, while "22 countries" - none of which are Muslim, are against it.
What steamed Rice, however, was Zhao's assertion that "If you're in Washington, D.C., you know the white never go to the SW area, because it's an area for the black & Latin," adding "There's a saying ‘black in & white out’, which means that as long as a black family enters, white people will quit, & price of the apartment will fall sharply."

Read more:  https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-07-15/racist-disgrace-susan-rice-steamed-chinese-diplomat-who-says-black-families-ruin

bAKED pIZZA, part 2

bAKED pIZZA was all thrown out - and the pizza pan and Wally World
PTFE coated cookware was replaced with new stuff from Target - which
was also a much better shopping experience tham Ghetto - Rat Wally

Happy Birthday OrbsCorbs!

Enjoy your cake, old man.

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Victoria's 'Dirtiest' Secret: Epstein Demanded 'Casting Couch' Sex Acts With Aspiring Models

Convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein apparently had quite the casting couch going on in his Manhattan mansion, according to the New York Post.

Epstein, who was formerly 'close' friends with Victoria's Secret owner Leslie Wexner, "relied on ...[the] modeling business to source underage girls for sex," according to investigative reporter Conchita Sarnoff's new book "Trafficking."
According to an account by Italian model Elisabetta Tai, Epstein tried to take advantage of the 21-year-old aspiring Victoria's Secret model in 2004 after she was promised that a meeting with a 'very important' man could land her a gig with the apparel company.
Elisabetta Tai (Via Facebook)
"He told me this is one of the most important people in modeling," Tai said of her booking agent. "He said that this man is in charge of Victoria’s Secret and he’s going to change your life."

"I rang the doorbell of this incredible mansion, and a butler answered the door," said Tai, originally from Padua - located around 20 miles from Venice. "It was astonishing. It was a very beautiful house, and I saw about five models walking around as soon as I walked in. I was so excited."
Tai was greeted by a woman with "short black hair" described as Epstein's longtime confidant and 'Madam,' Ghislaine Maxwell, who showed her into Epstein's office. While she hasn't been charged in connection with Epstein's activities, Maxwell has been accused by three women of recruiting young women for the financier.

The woman with the short hair introduced Tai to Epstein, who was dressed casually in a shirt and jeans, she said. As Epstein started to ask her questions about her background, she noticed a massage table near his desk.
She said she didn’t think anything of it, and reached for her portfolio to show Epstein her previous modeling work in Italy. Tai had done a few modeling jobs in her native country, “but nothing big, nothing like I imagined I could do in America,” she told The Post.
As Tai talked about her experience in halting English, she said Epstein moved to the massage table and began to remove his clothes.
“I thought he was preparing to have a massage, and that someone was about to come in to the room and give him a massage,” she said.
But Tai said she panicked when Epstein lay down naked on the table and told her to approach.
He then handed her a vibrator, she said.
“I froze,” she said. “I didn’t know what to do.
I just grabbed the vibrator and threw it at his head,” she said.
“I mean, I don’t know where it landed, I just blacked out and then I ran as fast as I could out of the room.” -NY Post
While trying to run out of the house, the woman Tai fingered as Maxwell grabbed her to ask what she was doing.
"She told me that I couldn’t just leave," said Tai, adding "She said that this man is important, that he is a friend of President Clinton."

Tai said that she was too scared to tell anyone, which means he did it according to the 'Kavanaugh standard' established by Democrats in 2018.
"I was too scared to tell anyone," Tai told the Post. "I was too shy and scared that someone would come after me to blackmail me or maybe worse."
Epstein, who was an investor in a Manhattan modeling venture, has been accused by prosecutors of using his connections to the modeling company to “audition” girls to give him massages that often ended up in sexual abuse.
A former Manhattan-based model agent, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, also alleged an Epstein-Victoria’s Secret pimp pipeline.
He [Epstein] portrayed himself as the back door to get a girl into Victoria’s Secret. Some of those girls got in,” he said.
He promised the catalog and ad-campaign jobs, not the supermodel fashion-show gigs, he added. -NY Post
"It was still significant cash for a young model doing the catalog," an agent told the Post. "They weren’t making hundreds of thousands but they could make about $5,000 a week modeling for the campaigns or the catalog. Not all the girls sent to him got jobs, but a lot of them did."
According to another Manhattan model entrepreneur, Maxwell was actively recruiting at Victoria's Secret events.
"They were always these really trashy shows full of rich men in the audience," he said. "Ghislaine acted as the kind of Nazi guard, telling everyone where they were sitting in the audience and that she had new ‘pop tarts’ which is what she called the young models."

From: https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-07-14/victorias-dirtiest-secret-epstein-demanded-casting-couch-sex-acts-aspiring-models

Society Masturbating Its Way Into Climate Catastrophe: Report

A French think-tank, The Shift Project, reveals that adult material accounts for more than 4% of all carbon dioxide emissions linked to digital technologies, while porn constitutes 27% of all videos viewed online.
Talk about a carbon handprint...

"...viewing pornographic videos in the world in 2018 generated carbon emissions of the same magnitude as that of the residential sector in France," reads the report.

The authors then shift to a moral argument against porn, suggesting that "one of the problems mentioned regarding the effects of consuming pornography at the societal level is the phenomenon of shifting norms: during the consumption of content by an individual, a trend towards increased violence in the content viewed, for example, has been observed, leading to harmful effects on the individual’s sexuality and their perceptions of physical relationships."
What's more, men can't seem to jerk off without porn.

Catherine Solano, a sexologist, has observed “for several years, that for a large proportion of men, masturbation is inseparable from pornography” (Solano, 2018). The use of pornography and thus the visualization of online pornographic videos are therefore now associated with a utilization governed by highly automatic cognitive mechanisms, which allows the efficient monetization of the products proposed. Today, the economic development of viewing online pornographic videos is therefore built on a cognitive amalgam resulting from the marketing practices of the sector: the association of using pornography with the physical act of sex (Roussilhe, 2019).
Seeing a naked body activates an initial automatic reaction in the brain which arouses interest linked to the evolutive reflex of the possibility of procreation (Solano, 2018). Since we know that our cognitive mechanisms host a bias, called “trigger effect”, that induces inertia in our thought process30 (Marcinkowski, 2019), we can understand that the sexualization of content for the general public introduces pornographic uses within a wider mechanism of influence: exposed to sexualized contents for the general public (advertising, video clips, etc.).
So - men have a pavlovian response to naked women which results in eco-unfriendly masturbation - to increasingly violent content.

From:  https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-07-14/society-masturbating-its-way-climate-catastrophe-report

San Francisco Developer Bribes Homeless To Leave By Showering Them With Cash

Surrounded by half-inflated eagles, wearing a "Make Oakland Great Again" hat and dressed as an elf to “deliver Xmas in July”, San Francisco real-estate developer Gene Gorelik stood on a boom lift above a homeless encampment in Oakland on Friday and chanted into a bullhorn, “Free money! Free money!”

The scene follows Gorelik's posting on Facebook that explained Home Depot Oakland could be forced to close (with 300 jobs at stake) because, as he notes "it is under attack by Libbyland" - a reference to Oakland's uber-liberal mayor Libby Schaaf
"I will rent a boom lift from Home Depot and make it rain $300 in singles to show the Citizens of Libbyland I'm serious. Then I'll offer $2000 each to move to 11 4th St. by 8PM. However, if anyone is left in Libbyland at 8PM, no one gets any money. It's all or nothing.
Remember, half the homeless came from outside Oakland. They have been lured in by Libby's promise of free housing. If you feel Schaafted, please come out for a day of good, clean, fun community service to save 300 Oakland Jobs from the Libbyland Attack!"
Perhaps unsurprisingly, he was shouted down by community activists and encampment residents before he was able to turn on his leaf blower full of cash as they raged at the arrogance of his free-money handout when what they appear to really want is free houses or moar money than just 2 grand!!??
"It’s just a slap in the face for the residents,” said Candice Elder, the chief executive of East Oakland Collective, a community organization that focuses on racial and economic equity.
“He’s not doing anything constructive right now but being disrespectful and classist.”
38-year-old Kay Spikes, who has lived in a tiny house in the encampment for five years, exclaimed “it really doesn’t do anything..."
“$2,000 would get me maybe a motel for two weeks, some food,” she said.
“You can’t even use that as a deposit. There’s no place in Oakland that’s $1,000. It doesn’t solve the issue and it sure doesn’t even put a cushion under it.”
So what do they want?
Simple - as this sign of the 'new normal world of handouts and money-for-nothing' times seems to confirm...

If only 'the rich' would pay just a little fairer share of their taxes, every homeless person in America can have a house (and a pony?)... because, after all, isn't owning a house a basic human right?

From:  https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-07-13/san-francisco-developer-bribes-homeless-leave-showering-them-cash

Almost 700,000 Facebook Users Have Pledged To "Storm" Area 51 Together

With self-proclaimed former Area 51 employee Bob Lazar making an appearance on the Joe Rogan Podcast weeks ago, the topic of Area 51 has bubbled back to prominence for the first time in years.
And now, almost 700,000 Facebook users have pledged to "storm" the area in September in an effort to uncover what they believe to be some hidden unknown truth at the area, according to Fox News.
"If we [N]aruto run, we can move faster than their bullets. Lets see them aliens," the Facebook group for the event says.

As of the time of writing, 699,000 users were listed on Facebook as "going" to the raid, which is supposed to take place on September 20, at 3AM. On top of that, 640,000 more were listed as "interested" in going to the raid. The plan is supposedly to meet at a nearby “tourist attraction” where they will “coordinate our entry.”
There's been more than 21,000 posts on the event's page, with some users posting ideas about formations and "game plans" on how the raid would take place.
One user even wrote a disclaimer:
Hello US government, this is a joke, and I do not actually intend to go ahead with this plan. I just thought it would be funny and get me some thumbsy uppies on the internet. I'm not responsible if people decide to actually storm area 51."
Area 51 is an Air Force facility near Groom Lake in Nevada that has long been linked to alien conspiracy theories.
"They can't stop all of us," the event page says.

From: https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-07-13/almost-700000-facebook-users-have-pledged-storm-area-51-together

What we have here is a lack of self-reflection

True Blood and Westworld actress Evan Rachel Wood helpfully provides young women with dating advice:
Westworld actor Evan Rachel Wood took to Twitter to attack Stranger Things’ Hawkins Sheriff Jim Hopper.
You should never date a guy like the cop from #strangerthings Extreme jealousy and violent rages are not flattering or sexy like TV would have you believe. That is all.

Wood would add, “Yes I am aware its ‘just a show’ and its set ‘in the 80s’ even though this stuff was unacceptable then too, but thats exactly my point. Its just a show and this is a gentle reminder not to fall for this crap in real life. Red flags galore.”
Now, keep in mind that Miss Wood is best known for portraying a bisexual vampire who kills and eats people as well as a killer robot. So if you take one thing away from this, it is a gentle reminder not to fall for bisexual vampires and killer robots. Bisexual vampires and killer robots are not flattering or sexy like TV would have you believe.
Takeaway: never take relationship advice from any woman dumb enough to date Marilyn Manson.

From:  http://voxday.blogspot.com/2019/07/what-we-have-here-is-lack-of-self.html

Harley Davidson Unveils "LiveWire" Electric Motorcycle That Goes 0-60 In 3 Seconds

Harley Davidson looks like it will be the first company to market with a mainstream electric motorcycle, according to engadget. The company's LiveWire electric motorcycle will soon be on the road and will have a longer range than expected, at 140 miles of city driving on a single charge. But, like any other electric vehicle, you’ll still need to hook it up to a charger once in a while.
According to Harley Davidson's website, the bike will be "available in select dealerships through North America and Western Europe in the fall of 2019. Select additional markets will follow."

The motorcycle has been in the works for more than four years now. You'll be able to charge it with a Level 1 charger at home, or with a quicker Level 2 or 3 DC fast chargers, that'll be available at Harley Davidson dealerships.
The bike comes with seven riding modes that tune the suspension and electric drivetrain differently. It sports anti-lock brakes and a traction control system, along with a color touchscreen for navigation and Bluetooth connectivity.
Harley Davidson is offering free charging for its new US customers.

The motorcycle is soon going to be available at a limited number of dealerships and will cost about $30,000. It can go from 0 to 60 mph in just three seconds. There is no clutch and no shifting.
Harley Davidson is looking to revitalize its business after struggling with declining sales and an aging client base both in the United States and abroad. Sales of its motorcycles were down 4.2% and international sales were down 3.3% in the first quarter of 2019.

From:  https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-07-12/harley-davidson-unveils-livewire-electric-motorcycle-goes-0-60-3-seconds

Man Found In Stolen Vehicle - With Uranium, Rattlesnake, & Whiskey - During Oklahoma Traffic Stop

Police in Oklahoma stopped a vehicle that was reported as stolen on June 26 and found a rattlesnake, a canister of radioactive powdered uranium and an open bottle of Kentucky Deluxe whiskey, according to AP and KFOR.

The stop took place in Guthrie, which is about 30 miles north of Oklahoma City.
Stephen Jennings was charged with possession of a stolen vehicle, transporting an open container of liquor, operating a vehicle with a suspended license, and failure to carry security verification form. His passenger, Rachael Rivera, was charged with possession of a firearm after a former felony conviction.
The stop was made at about 11AM for an expired tag. Jennings was in the driver's seat, Rivera was in the passenger's seat and their "pet Timber rattlesnake" was in the backseat, in a terrarium.
Jennings told police he had a gun in the console right around the same time the vehicle was reported as stolen. 
Speaking about the vehicle's unusual inventory, a local police officer said:
"When that happens of course, we call in a company that deals with that specifically and it`s taken safely into possession. The uranium is the wild card in that situation."
Oddly enough, there have been no charges stemming from the rattlesnake or the uranium thus far.
"It happens to be rattlesnake season at the time, so he can be in possession of this rattlesnake because he has a valid lifetime hunting and fishing license," the officer concluded.

From: https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-07-12/man-found-stolen-vehicle-uranium-rattlesnake-whiskey-during-oklahoma-traffic-stop

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Four for Fridays!

I hope everyone is do good and enjoying the weather even though we have had some really warm days. We are suppose to get some rain this weekend so stay dry. Here are your questions.

1) Would you rather rain or the naughty S word?

2) Have you had the chance to get your car washed?

3) Are you having a hard time getting around because of all the stupid construction?

4) Do you agree we have two seasons construction and winter?

Have a great weekend!

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