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Tell It to SunStar: Illegal parking on Osmeña Blvd

By Sheila Librea, Sambag 2, Cebu City
I read what letter-sender Niko Morallo wrote the other day about sidewalk parking in front of the Abellana Police Station at the corner of R.R. Landon St. and Osmeña Blvd. in Cebu City.
I agree with him. The motorcycles that threaten to crowd out the pedestrians, not to mention the occasional patrol cars, should not be allowed, especially since there has been a crackdown on illegal parking nationwide,
But if you go up the sidewalks on either side of the boulevard towards Fuente, illegal parking is everywhere.
One bank located across a hospital deserves special mention. Its clients’ cars take over the entire sidewalk during office hours. If you don’t believe me, why don’t you see for yourself?

U.S. President Trump at "Howdy Modi": US and India Committed to Countering Threat of Terrorism

Milwaukee County Zoo announces birth of its first-ever red panda cub

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Here's what Trump, his advisers, and the US military were talking about striking after Iran shot down a US drone

President Donald Trump speaks following a meeting on infrastructure at Trump Tower, August 15, 2017 in New York City.
 Drew Angerer/Getty Images

  • President Donald Trump recently had to decide how best to respond to alleged Iranian attacks on Saudi oil sites. He opted for tougher sanctions rather than a military strike.
  • A few months earlier, the president faced a similar dilemma after Iran shot down a very expensive US drone.
  • While the Pentagon, according to The New York Times, argued in favor of a casualty-free strike on an Iranian missile boat that would be evacuated prior to its sinking, Trump's more hawkish advisers called for a strike on Iranian missile and radar sites.
  • The president called the strikes off shortly before they were to occur, he revealed later, claiming that the attack would have killed 150 people and would have been disproportionate.
President Donald Trump recently faced a dilemma on how best to respond to act of alleged Iranian aggression against Saudi Arabia's oil facilities. A few months earlier, he struggled with a similar conundrum after Iran shot down a US drone.
In June, amid heightened US-Iran tensions, Iranian forces shot down a US Navy Broad Area Maritime Surveillance (BAMS-D) intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance aircraft — a roughly $130 million RQ-4A Global Hawk high-altitude, long-endurance (HALE) drone.
Hours after the attack on the unmanned aircraft, the president gathered his team to discuss possible responses, The New York Times reported.
The Pentagon reportedly preferred a strike on an Iranian missile boat. The crew would have been ordered to abandon ship and been filmed doing so, and then the US military would have sunk the vessel. The military's plan would have allowed the US to retaliate without inflicting casualties, making it a more proportional response to the downing of a drone.
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and then-White House National Security Adviser John Bolton, however, called for a strike on Iranian soil. Officials, according to The Times, decided to target three Iranian missile batteries and radar installations.
A "comprehensive list" of targets was put together, but it was determined that only a handful of targets could be hit if the attack was to be carried out quickly.

Marijuana Vape Sales Plunge In Massachusetts Amid Mysterious Outbreak

With the national media alerting the public that vaping could be causing mysterious lung illnesses - which amazingly nobody could predict in advance - hitting the wires over the last month, those who have been vaping marijuana, especially in the state of Massachusetts, have been ditching their vape pens at a fast clip. 
The Boston Globe said weekly sales of oil-filled vaporizer cartridges plunged from a recent peak of $919,776 for the seven days ended Aug. 11 to $689,924 last week.
The 25% drop in sales mostly reflects other sales data from states where cannabis is sold legally.
State and federal authorities have warned the public about a mysterious outbreak of lung ailments from vaping that have killed seven people and sickened more than 530 people in 38 states. 
As of Thursday, the Department of Public Health in Massachusetts said an investigation had been launched into 45 cases of vaping-related illnesses. 
The Globe interviewed pot smoker Horace Small, who is also a member of the state's Cannabis Advisory Board told family and friends to stop vaping pot, and or vaping in general.
"I just completely stopped," Small said.
"I had this vaporizer that got me through [a vacation], but I had enough people who love me say, 'Put the vape down' — so I did. Folks are scared half to death. All my friends are encouraging each other not to vape and just err on the side of caution until there's more knowledge on what the hell is going on."

The Food and Drug Administration announced Thursday that a criminal probe would be launched into companies that manufacture vaporizers.
"State and federal officials have said they suspect Vitamin E acetate, an additive found in some illicit marijuana vape cartridges, could be one culprit and urged consumers to avoid such products," The Globe said. 
It's not just people vaping pot but also e-cigarette devices that are leading to the mysterious illness
Others have said it could be additives in regulated marijuana cartridges, such as propylene glycol, leading to the vape crisis.
Brandon Pollock, chief executive of the marijuana company Theory Wellness, said vape cartridges at his stores in Great Barrington had plunged 20% since the crisis first went viral on social media and mainstream news last month. 
Pollock predicts vaporizer sales will rebound because the public health crisis surrounds black market vape cartridges.
"I'm not surprised there's an initial contraction," he said. "I actually expect an increase in sales as people really exit the black market. I think people right now are just digesting the news — in the long run, this is good for the regulated cannabis industry."
And cancer-care expert Dr. Diana Martins-Welch has told her medical marijuana patients in NYC to immediately quite vaping pot and pick up a joint instead. 

Gordon Lightfoot Sundown

US Army Smashes Recruitment Goals By Preying On Hopeless Millennials With Student Debt

The US Army has finally discovered the secret formula, well not a secret anymore, in attracting snowflake millennials into the Army ahead of a possible shooting war with Iran and or down the road, with China. That is, target millennials who are suffering from the student debt crisis, reported Vice News.
The Army smashed its 2019 recruiting goal, after falling short by 6,500 last year, said the head of Army Recruiting Command Maj. Gen. Frank Muth. He told reporters last week that much of the success was a new marketing strategy geared towards millennials with student debt.
"One of the national crises right now is student loans, so $31,000 is the average," Muth told reporters. "You can get out [of the Army] after four years, 100 percent paid for state college anywhere in the United States."
This year's recruitment push wasn't entirely based on patriotism, but instead, targeted millennials who wanted to escape from their insurmountable student debts.
This is one of the first instances where the Department of Defense (DoD) hasn't used patriotism as a case to urge young adults to join the Army and or any other service.
During the marketing campaign, the Army targeted young adults on social media, as shown in a tweet from Army recruiters in Chicago:
"#PleaseAWomanIn5Words (or man). I'll pay your student loans! #ArmyTeamChicago”
#PleaseAWomanIn5Words (or man). I'll pay your student loans! #ArmyTeamChicago
— Army Chicago (@ArmyChicago) September 16, 2019
According to Vice News, Georgia Parke, a communications director for Bernie Sanders, criticized the new approach, indicating "if we cancel student debt who will fight the endless wars?
hmmm yeah maybe this is why its taking so fucking long to address/fix the student loan debt problem in america. the military has no f u c k i n g business preying on young, poor kids that simply want an education. you shouldnt have to fucking join the army to pay for school.
— 𝖈𝖆𝖗𝖑𝖎𝖊 𝖍𝖔𝖗𝖘𝖊 (@carlieannburton) September 20, 2019
America has been locked in endless Middle Eastern wars for the last several decades. There's an increasing chance that a shooting war is brewing between Iran and Saudi Arabia, which would mean the US would protect the House of Saud.
US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper said at a news conference Friday that the US is deploying military assets to the Middle East in response to a significant escalation of violence last weekend when Iran attacked a Saudi oil facility with drones and cruise missiles.
Debt Collective co-founder Thomas Gokey warns that the Army's recruiting method of paying off student debt in exchange for enlistment is dangerous.
"Debt is a form of social control," Gokey said. "You can force people to do all kinds of things if you put them in debt first, including waging unjust wars, killing and hurting other people, and risking [their] own life and limbs."
Millennials who are taking the easy way out in joining the Army to pay off student debt could find themselves on a battlefield if war breaks out. 

An Open Letter To City of Racine Alderpersons

Dear City of Racine Alderpersons,
A fellow Activist, Ricky Jarstadt posted a link on his Facebook page to my investigative article concerning former Racine County Rich Chiapete – and let me be plain and clear – that current DA Trish Hansen provided cover for Rich and his wife Jennifer, turned a blind eye – and even denied being able to access the arrest report in a debate with her Democrat opponent – Thomas Binger.
I am now asking you to open your minds – put aside your partisan politics and personal interests – conceived notions, and prejudices.
I have also attached a PDF of that arrest report – obtained personally by me via Open Records request – to this E-mail, so that you may become aware of the facts and be held to account for now you know the truth.
Sometimes people ask me to run for political office – but I don’t want power or control over others. I don’t like large social gatherings because I am shy, introverted, and want to be left alone to enjoy life as I see fit – but everyday, what I read about the happenings in Racine County irritates and frustrates me – because I KNOW that the criminals are in charge – and that includes Racine County DA Trish Hansen.
I may even force my person to come before the Council and speak on Tyrese West and what I feel is the use of excessive force and murder of Tyrese West. Police Officers may be granted limited liability by State Actors – but there is more to the Universe than State Actors or simply mortality – and let me be clear – I AM NOT A CHRISTIAN.
When I was detained by the Racine Police Officer on Mound and 6th. he could not even provide a description of the allegedly stolen bicycle and backup had already been called! If it wasn’t for the fact that in my polite conversation with the Officer – I mentioned that I was related to retired RPD Captain Daniel Elmer – who knows what would have happened.
You people on the Council have a lot of soul searching to do – that is – if you have a soul.
I’m holding you to account for participating in the coverup of the murder of Tyrese West – in the next life. I have observed – and witness against you – a Man of Peace stands tall. A Pisces born to this World in the age of Pisces on 2-24-1963. Enough – is enough.
Tim & Cindy

Tears For Fears - Sowing The Seeds Of Love (Official Video)

Eric Clapton - After midnight (1988 Version)

Albert Collins - Ice Man

Kenny Wayne Shepherd "Voodoo Child" Live (part 1) At Guitar Center's King of the Blues

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Why Are So Many Top-Tier College Girls Turning To 'Soft Prostitution'?

Are you a rich guy who wants to bang debt-laden college girls with all your extra money? 
Are you a struggling college girl facing decades of six-figure debt so you can follow your unsinkable dreams? 
Great news; thanks to the internet, your bases are covered! As we've previously reported (here and here), 'soft prostitution' may have been going on for a long time - but its normalization is relatively new - and undoubtedly linked to the $1.5 trillion+ student debt problem. 

As an example, according to 'sugar daddy / sugar baby' website SeekingArrangement, there are 1,304 students at Georgia State University signed up to be Sugar Babies right now - up from just 306 in 2018
Given that there are 15,277 female students at Georgia State, - nearly one in ten girls at the college are willing to whore themselves out to make ends meet. 

Top 20 Sugar Baby colleges

Of this list, several universities are considered top-tier - such as UCLA, University of Southern California, Columbia and New York University
According to, "Sugar Babies do not want to be in monotonous, traditional relationships prescribed by society — that no longer works today. Rather, she is seeking a modern relationship — one that is different and matches her ambition and drive — with a romantic partner who can play the traditional role of provider or gentleman, without placing unreasonable limitations on personal growth," according to the website. 
Overall, there are 2.7 million US students signed up and 4.7 million worldwide. 

According to the website, "Students registered on SeekingArrangement get help paying for tuition and even more benefits. Finding the right Sugar Daddy can help students gain access to the right network and opportunities. College Sugar Babies can also get help paying for other college-related costs, such as books and housing.
And while the site claims 4.5 million students across the globe, SeekingArrangement says it has 20 million members worldwide - of which students are most common.
What do they Sugar Babies do with the money they earn with their vaginas? 30% is spent on tuition and other school related expenses, while 25% goes towards living expenses
Meanwhile, the average Sugar Daddy is 41-years-old and has an annual income of $250,000. Most common professions are Tech Entrepreneur and CEO are their two top occupations, followed by Developer, Financier, Lawyer and Physician. 
As for cities - New York tops the list, followed by London, Toronto and Los Angeles.