Friday, April 1, 2011

'First Fridays' Returns to Downtown Racine Tonight


"Downtown Racine Merchants kick off the 2011 season of the popular First Friday’s on April 1 from 6-9pm! This is no joke!

"Discover the shops, galleries & museums in downtown Racine on April Fools Day for some silliness as the 7th annual First Friday event unfolds for the season.  Over 50 downtown businesses collaborate to bring you this fun filled evening of shopping, dining, music and more."

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I've never been to a First Friday.


kkdither said...

I've never been to one either, although, I must admit, I am curious. I've heard it can be fun.

I generally don't frequent downtown, except for the library. I did try Salute's once, and the Bistro a couple times a few years ago, but wasn't very impressed with either. Specialty stores with beads, clothing, expensive art and wine aren't something that I feel compelled to go to and make a purchase.

hale-bopp said...

I went to some of the gallery nights when I lived there. Can't remember if it was officially First Friday or not. It was fun. The gallery owners were very friendly and I didn't feel any pressure to purchase anything. Lots of places had complimentary drinks/snacks. Hope it hasn't changed too much!

SER said...

A couple years back I went there because there was a band playing on the square that I like. There were so many people and no place to parks so I just drove though and went back home.

SER said...

I went down there last night and nothing going on, but it was raining.

No place to park, all the bars must have been busy!